This article is about the Stargate SG-1 episode. For the Stargate: Atlantis novel, see Stargate Atlantis: Homecoming.

This episode is part 3 of 3; it is preceded by "Full Circle" and "Fallen".

"Homecoming" is the second episode in the seventh season of Stargate SG-1.


Anubis captures Jonas Quinn, and learns from him the location of Langara, and of the Naquadria. He plans to use the element to power his superweapon. While Anubis occupies the planet, Teal'c is having a hard time convincing Yu-huang Shang Ti's forces to attack Anubis, so he asks Yu's First Prime, Oshu, to convince Ba'al to take over the combined fleet of the System Lords.

Previously on Stargate SG-1[]

Dr. Daniel Jackson returned from his ascended form and was later found by the occupants of Vis Uban. He was then found by SG-1 who believed that Vis Uban was the lost city they were looking for to defeat Anubis, until they realize that it actually wasn't it. Anubis learned about the planet, and the Tau'ri planned on destroying his mothership, though that did not quite go according to the plan. Anubis' superweapon was destroyed, but Yu and Teal'c did not arrive to finish Anubis off, and Jonas Quinn was captured by Anubis' Jaffa and a Mind probe is placed in his brain, though Jackson managed to escape, but he too is still trapped inside the ship.


Homecoming 1

Jonas after learning that the mothership is orbiting his home world, Langara.

Major Samantha Carter and Colonel Jack O'Neill arrive back in Stargate Command from Vis Uban and reports to Major General George S. Hammond that the mission was a partial success; Anubis' superweapon is disabled, but the ship has jumped into hyperspace, with Dr. Daniel Jackson and Jonas Quinn still on board, and they have no idea where Anubis is heading. Meanwhile, in Anubis' mothership, Jonas is sent to the Pel'tak, where Anubis tells him that he learned about Naquadria, the powerful variation of Naquadah, which he got from probing Jonas' mind, and know of only one place in the galaxy they can find the compound, Jonas' homeworld, Langara. Anubis informs Jonas that his mothership is over the Kelowna capital.

In the SGC, Hammond reports nothing from the latest Tok'ra intelligence about the whereabouts of Anubis' ship, and they still haven't heard anything from Teal'c. The Stargate then activates, where they receive a radio signal, from Ambassador Dreylock. Expecting to hear that there has been some political development on Langara, they learn instead that Anubis' mothership is over the Kelowna capital.

In Yu's Ha'tak vessel, Teal'c is being detained in a holding cell, where Yu's First Prime Oshu enters, and admits that he is beginning to doubt whether Yu is indeed a god, since he spends most of his time in a Sarcophagus, and hence has gotten more paranoid about Anubis attacking Yu's domain, and is no longer capable of taking a host, as he is the oldest living System Lord. Teal'c attempts to persuade Oshu that if they do not do something to stop Anubis, Yu will lose, and millions of Jaffa will die in the process.

Carter and O'Neill arrive in Langara, where they learn that Anubis' Jaffa are taking the capital building, and that they are currently located in a secret bunker deep underground the outskirts of the city. By using a Tok'ra Short range communicator, they are able to contact Jackson in the ship, where he learns that he is over Langara, and he is trying to find out where Jonas is being held, but has only three hours until the Radioactive Tok'ra isotope wears off. They soon learn that Anubis came to Langara to get his hands on Naquadria, and had several Kelownans killed before they complied, and give him the entire stockpile.

Homecoming 2

Teal'c and Oshu make contact with Ba'al.

Meanwhile, Teal'c and Oshu flies Yu's Ha'tak, where Oshu has objections to Teal'c's idea. His idea turns out to be contacting Ba'al. While he is outraged that another First Prime, as well as a Shol'va has contacted him, Teal'c convinces him that if he doesn't listen, he will miss the opportunity to rid Anubis once and for all. Oshu will follow Ba'al's orders, since defeating Anubis is in both their interests, and Oshu's Jaffa will follow him. Afterward, Teal'c wants to be dropped off at the nearest Stargate.

In Langara, Carter wonders why Anubis is still here, since all of Langara's Naquadria is gone. They learn that Anubis is gathering archaeologists from the Academy of Sciences, possibly looking for the Stargate, which they would not know, since the location of the bunker is top secret. At that point, the Kelownans are forced to admit that they moved it when there was war between the Kelownans, Andari and Tiranians, and despite the Kelownans being outgunned, they made a ceasefire after the Kelownans used the naquadria bomb on innocents. This has made negotiations between the parties a little easier, so Dreylock decides to bring other delegates to form a way to unite, since sooner or later, Anubis will enslave everyone, and will take more as hosts. Meanwhile, Anubis has one of his lieutenants make the Naquadria more stable to repower his superweapon. Jackson finds Jonas and moves to the adjacent store room, where they are able to talk, and Daniel tells him that he will get him out.

Dreylock presents the team Ambassadors Noor and Sevaarin of the Andari Federation and Tirania Confederacy. They see the Stargate activate, where Teal'c comes through. O'Neill, much to his dismay, is informed that Teal'c has convinced Ba'al to fight Anubis, since both Ba'al and the Tau'ri have the same goal. The other two delegates are convinced that Anubis will only attack Kelowna, but Carter insists that Anubis will not respect any borders, and the whole planet will be affected.

Homecoming 3

Jonas attempts his escape.

Inside Anubis' ship, Daniel is cornered by Jaffa. Meanwhile, Anubis' Goa'uld Lieutenant believes he is ready to start a test to power the superweapon. However, despite this, this causes an overload, and an explosion rocks the ship. Anubis has his First Prime Her'ak kill him. Jaffa leaves the storage room, and Jackson is able to reach Jonas, who attempts an escape, since there isn't enough power to maintain the Goa'uld force field, and it is flickering on and off. For a split second, the force field shuts down, and Jonas manages to jump through. Their next step to escape is to get on board a Tel'tak.

On the planets surface, Hammond reluctantly sends SGs 11 and 15 as technical advisers. Meanwhile, Carter figures out why Anubis has not left yet: he is ransacking the Museum of Antiquities, and in that museum is a Data Crystal, that may contain the Goa'uld Thanos' knowledge about Naquadria's instability and secrets to its control. With this knowledge, Anubis could easily and successfully power up the super-weapon again. Carter, Teal'c, O'Neill, and Dreylock go to the warehouse where the crystal is stored. There, they find the crystal in a box, but Jaffa quickly surround them in the storage room.

Battle to destroy Anubis' mothership 1

Jonas and Daniel ambushes the Jaffa.

In the ship, Jackson and Jonas decide that since they do not know where to find any Tel'taks, they should use Transportation rings, since there's a platform on the planet. They arm themselves with Zat'nik'tels and head towards the ring platform, but find Jaffa guarding it. Furthermore, the isotopes have worn off, and they are now detected by sensors. They ambush the Jaffa and ring down to the planet, which is conveniently placed in the same room SG-1 and the Jaffa are in. The two are able to take out all the Jaffa. They take back the crystal and return to the bunker.

However, as they arrive, Hale wants the crystal, and then insists, since he has betrayed the team, and several Jaffa surround them. Hale tells the team that Anubis has promised him to leave Kelowna untouched in exchange for the crystal. A feud breaks out between Sevaarin and Noor until Jonas stops them, convincing them that they must stand together, as Anubis will attack the whole planet, not just one nation. Hale gets the crystal and hands it to Her'ak, who then kills Hale, and then announces that the rest will be publicly executed as an example to those who defy Anubis.

Anubis' mothership 1

Anubis' mothership is destroyed.

Fortunately, Ba'al's fleet exits hyperspace over Langara, and immediately starts bombarding Anubis' mothership. As stray Ha'tak weapons fire hits the surface, shaking the bunker, O'Neill manages to get his hands on a side arm, and starts killing Jaffa, and Teal'c who also gets a weapon and kills more Jaffa. Her'ak receives an order to retreat through the Stargate, and takes the crystal with him. As he dials the address, Carter attempts to get the crystal off him. Daniel gets the crystal, but a Jaffa is firing his staff weapon at him; the shot meant for Daniel is instead intercepted by Jonas. Meanwhile, Ba'al contacts Anubis and tells him to surrender, but he is not on the bridge. Instead, he uses an escape pod and jumps into hyperspace as his mothership is destroyed over the planet. In the bunker, they have the crystal, and Her'ak leaves, empty handed. With the Jaffa gone, they team check on Jonas, who needs medical attention.

Homecoming 4

Jonas leaves Stargate Command.

Sometime later in the SGC, Jonas has recovered from his injury, and is prepared to move back to Langara, as Dreylock announces that he is no longer a traitor, and his experience with SG-1 the past year will prove vital to defend the planet from any possible future attacks. Jonas says goodbye to everyone, including O'Neill, whose respect he has finally gained. He promises to keep in touch, and asks Jackson to feed his fish. As he approaches the Gate, he turns to look at his team once again, before walking through. In the end, O'Neill welcomes Jackson back as a member of SG-1 and tells him to get ready for dinner by seven o'clock, since Teal'c gets "cranky" from low blood sugar if he is to be late. Jackson then tells him; "not that I mind rejoining SG-1 and exploring the galaxy, meeting new cultures, jeopardy, saving the world, that kind of thing. We get paid for this, right?".


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Notable quotes[]

O'Neill: What's your situation?
Jackson: I'm hiding. What's yours?

Jonas: Don't get me wrong, I love the job.
Jackson: Yeah, look at us - lousy hours, constant peril.
Jonas: On the bright side, you get to travel a lot.
Jackson: (thoughtfully) You're very 'up'...

(After Hale reveals that he betrayed the team)
O'Neill: You're an idiot. You know that?
Hale: In exchange for this, Anubis has agreed to leave Kelownan territory untouched.
O'Neill: Thus confirming my last statement.
Hale: He knows our Naquadria supplies are depleted, but I believe he may find another mine on Tiranian territory.
Sevaarin: That's a lie.
Hale: One of your scientists is a Kelownan spy. We know you've been trying to build your own bomb for the last three years.
Sevaarin: But we didn't mine the Naquadria. We stole it from the Andaris.
Noor: What!? (she slaps Sevaarin in the face)

Her'ak: As for the rest of you, you will be publicly executed as an example to all who would defy their god!
O'Neill: Does it have to be public?
Her'ak: (Raising his staff at O'Neill) I could kill you now.
O'Neill: Publicly's fine.

O'Neill: Well, dinner's at seven. Don't be late. Teal'c gets a little cranky when his blood sugar gets low.
Jackson: Jack, it's not that I mind rejoining SG-1 and exploring the galaxy, meeting new cultures, jeopardy, saving the world, that kind of thing. We get paid for this, right?
O'Neill: Welcome back.


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • Yu-huang Shang Ti is the oldest of the (current) System Lords. In this episode, we first learn that Yu's health is declining and that he is unable to change his host. The show elaborates on his condition in Season 8
  • Though "Homecoming" is the only Season 7 episode in which he actually appears, Ba'al does play a major off-screen role in "Orpheus", "Avenger 2.0" and "Fallout".


  • During the shot of Kelowna's gate opening, the Kelownans watching are erroneously semi transparent.
  • The Kelownan soldier behind Dreylock from the warehouse scene disappears in the next scene when Jackson and Jonas ring into the facility.

Other languages[]

  • French: Retour aux Sources (2ème partie) (Return to the Origins)
  • Italian: Ritorno a Casa (Homecoming)
  • Spanish: Regreso a Casa (Homecoming)
  • Czech: Návrat domů (Homecoming)
  • German: Alles auf eine Karte, Teil 2 (Go for Broke, Part 2)
  • Hungarian: Hazatérés (Homecoming)

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