"Most Wraith seek to be ruled. They fear being without a Queen."

Hive queens are Wraith females who hold a great deal of power within their society and are at the top of their hierarchy. They can produce Wraith warriors. When one queen wishes to annex the powers of another, she usually assassinates her personally. Most queens are quite arrogant and refuse to meet in diplomatic relations with Wraith hives that do not have another queen. They are assisted in their duties by Wraith Commanders. (SGA: "Spoils of War", "The Queen")


Wraith queens control Hive ships and rule their people with great strength with no subject daring to go against them in any decision. They typically reside in special throne rooms on their vessels where they command the culling of worlds or engage in battles. Hive queens are expected never to show any weakness, and if a queen is assassinated by a rival queen, her followers will accept the new one if she appears strong enough. (SGA: "The Hive", "No Man's Land", "Spoils of War", "The Queen")

They were typically guarded by a number of Wraith warriors and sometimes would be tended to by Wraith worshippers. (SGA: "The Hive")

Behind the Scenes

  • With the exception of the Primary and Teyla Emmagan (posing as a Wraith Queen), all Wraith queens in the series were portrayed by Andee Frizzell, and were thus distinguished only by costuming and makeup details.
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