Highcloud was a Wraith Queen who Lastlight served before being turned human.


Highcloud was a Wraith Queen who commanded a hive ship and had Lastlight under her command, a warrior with the mind of a scientist who was highly ranked amongst her crew. When the Atlantis expedition came to her feeding ground in 2006, she dispatched forces led by Lastlight and a Wraith cruiser to drive them away. However, it was a trap and the Wraith were forced to retreat, with Lastlight staying to cover his men's escape. After Lastlight was severely wounded, the rest of Highcloud's Wraith left him behind. After being left behind, Lastlight, who had fed recently enough to regenerate, was captured and used for experimentation with the Iratus bug retrovirus. After escaping after being turned human twice and helping the expedition to kill Queen Nightwind, Lastlight returned to Highcloud for sanctuary. However, due to Lastlight's role in Nightwind's death, Highcloud banished him and branded Lastlight regicide.

In 2007 or 2008, Highcloud was killed.

In 2009, after Doctor Rodney McKay is turned into a Wraith himself, Ember tells him the story of Lastlight, who McKay had known as "Michael". During the story, Ember tells McKay that Highcloud has been dead "a year and more." (SGA: "Allegiance")

Later, when telling his daughter the story of Lastlight, Thorn suggests that the rejection of Highcloud, his beloved queen, had a role in driving Lastlight insane alongside his being transformed into a human twice. In his own musings, Ember is also shown to believe that Highcloud's rejection played a major role in Lastlight's subsequent insanity. (SGA: "Inheritors", "The Third Path")