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Hibernation Pods are a type of technology used by the Wraith.



A series of hibernation pods.

These pod-like structures are typically situated in large numbers in the aft section of a Wraith Hive ship, containing hundreds of dormant Wraith. The pods are usually located in the ceilings of certain rooms or walls of certain rooms. (SGA: "Rising", "Misbegotten")

An organic membrane surrounds the sleeping Wraith with a console nearby that allows for the deactivation of the pod. A red liquid is present in the pod which encases the Wraith. Numerous organic tendrils extend from the walls of the pod and are attached to the sleeping individual to allow for a continuous exchange of fluid between a sleeping Wraith and the Hive ship. The drawback of this exchange however is the fact, that, if the Wraith is infected with a disease, than this disease could spread to the ship, causing damage to the organic parts of the ship. When deactivated, the liquid drains from the chamber and the tendrils retract, after which the Wraith is awakened from their slumber. There is also a safety protocol in place so that if power to a pod is ever compromised, the pod will open and awaken the Wraith. Should the pod fail to open, the Wraith inside would suffocate. (SGA: "Infection")


When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard killed the Wraith Keeper in 2004, it inadvertently resulted in her awakening all the Wraith Hives in the Pegasus galaxy. Sheppard and Aiden Ford at this time witnessed the awakening of hundreds of Wraith, since many hibernation pods were located in the dining hall of the Hive ship the two were on. (SGA: "Rising")

During the Battle of the Void, the crew of the Daedalus was forced to beam the Wraith retrovirus on board of one Hive ship, causing the whole crew (save for the Hive queen) to be turned into humans. These humans were put into the hibernation pods of the ship by the Atlantis expedition while they decided what to do with them. (SGA: "Misbegotten")

In order to survive from a deadly disease spread among them in 2008, Todd and his Hive ship crew entered into hibernation and set a course for Atlantis in the hope that the expedition would aid them in their crisis. Sheppard later awakened Todd from his sleep to enlist his aid when the Hive ship was experiencing numerous random malfunctions. It was discovered that due to the exchange of fluids between Wraith and Hive ship during hibernation, the disease had spread to the ship itself. The hive eventually split in two from the ailment, and the crew were killed as they were in the rear half. Todd and the Expedition members managed to land the forward section on water on the planet below. (SGA: "Infection")

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