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Hermiod was an Asgard advisor assigned to the Daedalus to oversee the various technological advances the Asgard provided for it.


Background information[]

During Fenrir's experiments on the isa device, Hermiod warns him about the dangers of using the Isa device on multiple occasions. However, Fenrir dismissed Hermiod's warnings because he, like many Asgard, found Hermiod to be too cautious thus believed Hermiod's warnings to be too conservative. After the isa device destroys six planets, including one with a pre-industrial population, Hermiod takes part in the Asgard High Council's trial of Fenrir. During the trial, Hermiod reminds Fenrir that he warned against Fenrir using the isa device on multiple occasions and admits that the radiation interference that caused the device misfire is confirmed, but it was a known phenomenon and should've been guarded against. Hermiod witnesses Fenrir getting sentenced to a penal cruise for five hundred years for his crimes. (SGA: "Nightfall")


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During the Battle of Atlantis, Hermiod was forced to use Asgard transporters to beam nuclear warheads aboard the attacking Wraith Hive Ships, which he did with reluctance since using the technology in such a manner was strongly disapproved of by the Asgard. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 3")


On the Daedalus' second trip to Atlantis, he discovered the Wraith computer virus and worked with Dr. Rodney McKay to eradicate it. He also saved the life of McKay and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard by raising the hangar shield when the virus opened the hangar doors. (SGA: "The Intruder")

When The Trust planted a bomb in Atlantis and the Daedalus received a message from Stargate Command, he modified the hyperdrive in order to get in range to transmit the message in time. Later, he used the Asgard transporter to remove the Goa'uld from Colonel Steven Caldwell. (SGA: "Critical Mass")

When the Daedalus was dispatched to help on the planet Halcyon, Hermiod beamed out all of the human life signs on a hive ship before its destruction, saving the lives of Sheppard's team and all the Halcyonites held on the ship. Sheppard states that Hermiod is their new hero as a result and McKay nearly hugged him for what he did. McKay just responded by stating that Hermiod gave off "that weird Roswell vibe." (SGA: "Halcyon")

After the team got sucked into a Quantum Mirror, Hermiod joined Novak in going to the bridge to help in the search with Hermiod fine-tuning the Daedalus sensors to better search for the Puddle Jumper. After Novak detected a ship signature coming out of the mirror, Hermiod confirmed it to be a Puddle Jumper, possibly altered to avoid interfering with the Mirror's destabilized quantum field. Hermiod warned that the Mirror's singularity was detaching and collapsing which would destroy the Mirror and cause a massive disruption of the surrounding area. As the crew realized the team was most likely unconscious, Hermiod warned that the singularity was now detaching and would form a gravity well that the Jumper could not escape. In response, Caldwell had the Daedalus move in close to pick up the Jumper, rescuing the team just in time as Hermiod kept them apprised of the singularity's status. (SGA: "Entanglement")


McKay: "Oh, come on. I understand you're an Asgard and everything, but even you've gotta feel a bit of an adrenaline buzz."
Hermiod: "My body does not possess the adrenal gland that produces epinephrine in your system. And even if I did, I would not be as easily impressed."
Rodney McKay and Hermiod's relative reactions to the wealth of data provided by Michael's Queen[src]

When the Stargate on Taranis was destroyed by the Volcano, Dr. Elizabeth Weir diverted the Daedalus on its way back from Earth. He determined the amount of time remaining until the eruption. Despite Hermiod's urgings to leave, Colonel Caldwell refused and kept the Daedalus in orbit through the eruption. (SGA: "Inferno")

During the brief alliance with Nightwind's hive ship, Hermiod worked with McKay to break the Wraith jamming code, at one point surprising McKay by leaving the Daedalus to help. Together, the two manage to break the code, but Hermiod finds their countermeasure ineffective during the following battle and is unable to find an effective way to break through afterwards. (SGA: "Allies")

Following the battle, Hermiod helps to conduct emergency repairs to the Daedalus and transfers all non-essential power to the shields so that they will hold longer in the following battle. (SGA: "No Man's Land")

After the Daedalus returns to Atlantis from the battle, Hermiod spends a great deal of time repairing the hyperdrive. Hermiod eventually clears the ship to fly, albeit reluctantly. Caldwell then launches the Daedalus to M8G-352 despite Hermiod's reservations as he rightly suspects Sheppard might need their help. (SGA: "Misbegotten")

A short time after the Battle of the Void, Hermoid was assigned by Thor to observe Sheppard's team in a combat situation to help determine whether or not humanity would be worthy of becoming the Fifth Race. By this time, Hermiod was already suffering from the fatal disease that would ultimately befall the Asgard and used a holographic projection of himself adapted from the Ancient communication stones to accompany Sheppard's team to a hive ship drifting in the void between the galaxies. On approach, the Puddle Jumper's cloak failed and Hermoid tried several times to offer a solution to McKay before he took it.

While on the ship, Hermiod saved the team from Wraith warriors by overloading their weapons and hacked the ship's database to determine that the ship was one of three hive ships that had been allied with Michael but had suffered a hyperdrive failure. As the Wraith infected with a strange disease go to attack them, Hermiod interfaces with the hive ship and disables its jamming code so the Daedalus can beam them out. On Caldwell's instruction, Hermiod reluctantly destroys the hive ship by beaming a nuclear warhead on board and is surprised by the degree of intuition Teyla Emmagan displays into his state of mind, sharing some of his worries with her.

Shortly afterwards, Hermiod detects that the crew is infected with the same strange disease as the Wraith though Sheppard and McKay are only carriers. Having learned the Wraith had investigated a strange nearby asteroid before falling ill, Hermiod suggests that they investigate it as well. As the crew falls under the control of the disease, Hermiod locks out the bridge controls from engineering and physically beams down into what turns out to be a derelict Ancient city-ship with McKay and Sheppard. There, Hermiod downloads all of the data on the disease before he is forced to beam them out when the city-ship vents the atmosphere as a safety measure. On the Daedalus, Hermiod determines that the disease, which he comes to call Fenrir, is an Ancient attempt at curing the Ancient contagion and is similar to the Replicators in nature, albeit biological. Instead of destroying Fenrir, Hermiod uses his communication device to connect with the hive mind and learns that the organism is benevolent and simply wishes to live. After Fenrir determines that it can't heal the Asgard, Hermiod offers to take it to find a new home if it will release the crew, something Fenrir agrees to.

Following the mission, Hermiod meets with the Asgard High Council who await his report as the deciding factor in whether or not they will give all of their collective knowledge to humanity. While Hermiod admits to them that he knows the humans will use the knowledge in war, he also concurs with Thor that they will also use it in the pursuit of peace - the dual nature of humanity. Hermiod states to the Council that he finds humanity to be the rightful inheritors of their legacy and that humanity is indeed the Fifth Race. (SGA: "Hermiod's Last Mission")

When Dr. Rodney McKay and Jeannie Miller were working on the matter bridge project, they consulted with Hermiod on the veracity of their coding. Later, Rod enlists Hermiod's help to return to his own alternate reality. As part of Rod's plan, Hermiod beams him out of Atlantis using the Daedalus transporter and then into the energy stream on McKay's command, allowing Rod to return to his own universe. (SGA: "McKay and Mrs. Miller")

He is last mentioned by name when McKay finds a way to increase the Daedalus shield power, he requests Dr. Weir to let Hermiod know about it and give him a call if he needed any help understanding the base code. (SGA: "Tao of Rodney")


Being in the Pegasus Galaxy, it is unknown whether he was among the rest of the Asgard when they committed mass suicide, though it seems likely, given that he hasn't been seen since. (SG1: "Unending")


After encountering Fenrir on Heruun, Sheppard and McKay use the Asgard computer core on the Odyssey to search for information on him. Amongst the information they find is the recording of Fenrir's trial where they witness Hermiod testifying. Sheppard recognizes Hermiod from the Daedalus and comments on how they must be watching a younger version of him. (SGA: "Nightfall")

When McKay believed he was about to be recaptured by the Vanir, he starts babbling about how one of his best friends is an Asgard; he was likely talking about Hermiod. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe")

During the Battle of the Frozen Planet when the Daedalus sublight engines go down and Dr. Lindsey Novak is struggling to fix them, Colonel Steven Caldwell suspects that like him, she's wishing Hermiod was there muttering in Asgard and finding a solution. (SGA: "Allegiance")


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As Hermiod was likely the first Asgard most Tau'ri had ever seen in person, this often lead to newer crew members and visitors to the Daedalus to stare at him, a reaction he found annoying. He tended to mutter to himself in Asgard whenever the Tau'ri did something to frustrate him; however his relationship with the Daedalus crew and the Atlantis expedition had improved with time. Hermiod also claimed to be very hard to impress though at times he was shown to be impressed such as when Sheppard pulled an incredible maneuver in an F-302. Hermiod was shown to be dedicated to his work and while not always pleased with what was asked of him by the Daedalus crew or what was done with the Asgard technology of the ship, he would comply with their requests, however reluctantly. Hermiod's cautious nature was well known amongst the Asgard, many of whom considered him too conservative.

After going on a mission personally with the Atlantis Reconnaissance 1, Hermiod gains a new respect for humanity and lends his support to them being given the Asgard legacy. He is also shown to find Dr. Lindsey Novak's awkward affection for him to be somewhat vexing, despite the fact that Novak is the only Daedalus crewmember who ever offers to spend time with Hermiod. (SGA: "Hermiod's Last Mission")

Behind the scenes[]

  • Hermiod (Old Norse: Hermóðr, "war-spirit") is a figure in Norse mythology, where he is a son of Odin, and is often considered the messenger of the gods.
  • Hermiod's mumbling in Asgard are sentences in English played backwards.
  • Deleted scenes in "Be All My Sins Remember'd" show Colonels Carter and Caldwell discussing the fate of Hermiod.

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