Major General, S.G.C. command replacement for General Hammond. Bauer brought a whole new face to the S.G.C., mainly one of conquest, and had no particular interest in exploration. He was intent on unlocking the secrets and full potential of Naquadah, particularly when enhanced with a nuclear warhead.

Bauer and Jack O'Neill did not get along from the start. The general encouraged O'Neill to take some time off from SG-1. He reassigned Samantha Carter to work on his Naquadah Bomb project. Daniel Jackson was reassigned as a consultant only, and Teal'c was sent with SG-3 to procure more Naquadah.

After securing a substantial supply of the mineral from P3S-452, Bauer detonated the package within a nuclear warhead on a remote world with sparse animal or plant life in the vicinity of the Stargate. The result was unimaginable. Carter speculated the device had turned the entire planet into a giant ball of superheated plasma. It was only then that Bauer saw the dangerous potential of Naquadah, as the Stargate was nearly destroyed -- the base along with it.

It was believed Bauer was a puppet of the N.I.D., sent to make more dramatic decisions than Hammond ever would. Following the Naquadah incident, General Hammond's command was reinstated and Bauer was reassigned.

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Commanders of Stargate Command

Major General George S. Hammond (1997-2000)

Major General Henry Bauer (2000)

Major General George S. Hammond (2000-2004)

Dr. Elizabeth Weir (2004)

Brigadier General Jack O'Neill (2004-2005)

Major General Henry Landry (2005-201?)

Brigadier General Samantha Carter (201?-)

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