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"I was once the Prime of Sobek."

Hem'nok is a Jaffa who had served the Goa'uld and was the First Prime to System Lord Sobek.

Biography[edit | edit source]

A long time ago, Sobek sent Hem'nok and a group of Jaffa down onto an Ancient planet that the system lord believed held treasure. The Jaffa couldn't find a way into the central temple, so Sobek used his ship's main weapon to make a way in. The temple collapsed, and it's destruction activated the giant android guardian Kotah, who destroyed Sobek's ship with his sword. Kotah then guarded the planets Stargate and would kill anyone who attempted to leave. This left Hem'nok and his fellow Jaffa stranded. (Stargate: "Daniel Jackson 2")

After Sobek had died so miserably, Hem'nok and his fellow Jaffa realized he couldn't have been a god. While stranded on the planet, more Jaffa also arrived and told him of the fall of the Goa'uld, the Tau'ri who defeated them, and the now Free Jaffa. (Stargate: "Daniel Jackson 3")

At some point Hem'nok met Dr. Daniel Jackson, who had arrived to the planet after translating the Gilgamesh Vessel. Upon Jackson's arrival, Hem'nok aimed his Ma'Tok staff at Kotah, who was aiming his sword at Jackson. After Jackson avoided being stabbed, he hid his identity from Raffa and Hem'nok and introduced himself as Arrom. On the way to the village, Hem'nok informed Arrom about the Stargate's guardian and the history of the temple's ruins. (Stargate: "Daniel Jackson 1", "Daniel Jackson 2")

Sometime later, Hem'nok and his men were approached by Kyrana, who revealed Daniel's real identity as one of the men responsible for killing their gods in an attempt to anger them. However, once Daniel admitted who he really was, Hem'nok happily welcomed him as a brother, and asked to learn more about the fall of the false gods. (Stargate: "Daniel Jackson 2", "Daniel Jackson 3")

The next day, Hem'nok and his men aided Daniel and Dian in attempting to recover treasure from the underground ruins of the temple. His men also prevented Kyrana and Raffa from leaving the village to follow them.

Despite only finding dust, Hem'nok continued to be optimistic. While he encouraging his men, Raffa planted an explosive in their bags. When it went off in the temple, Daniel ordered Hem'nok to get out, as Kotah was coming. (Stargate: "Daniel Jackson 3", "Daniel Jackson 4")

After Kotah was dealt with and SG-1 arrived, Hem'nok approached Daniel and offered to take Dian, Raffa, and Kyrana with him and have them punished for what they had done. Daniel declined, but let Hem'nok know the Tau'ri are ready to aid him if he ever needs help. (Stargate: "Daniel Jackson 4")

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