Help pages that are specific to the Stargate Wikia may be developed here over time. In the meantime, there are help pages for wikis in general on the Central Wikia. For a list of those pages, see Wikia:Category:Help.

There has been a lot of confusion between the main (article) namespace and the category namespace in this Stargate wiki. For an explanation of namespaces, see the help article on the Central Wikia: Wikia:Help:Namespaces.

If you'd like some help getting started, the step by step article on the NeoPets Guilds Wikia may help. You can practice editing (including adding content) in the sandbox. For other help information, see the articles listed in the help category here on the Stargate Wikia.

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Administrators are users with the ability to do certain extra things, mostly in reverting spam or other bad edits made by people who really think that their spam actually helps their cause in some way... Admins: look further at Help:Admin.

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Where & how to get started on Fandom
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How to contribute and format content
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Admin tools, role & management tips
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Advanced extensions, editing tools & admin tools
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Theme designer, CSS, JS, wiki design
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Intro to mobile optimization and products

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