Helen is a female Jaffa from the planet Aegis.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background information[edit | edit source]

Helen was born just before her father's fateful battle against the enemies of Pelops. Her mother never took another suitor, and reigned as Queen Helen came of age assume the mantle. She is the most beautiful and charming woman any Spartan for some prominent throughout his life. Her motives practically worship her. About a half century ago, Helen aware of a Helots named Acastus work in her household. No man paid much notice, but there was something about him that curious Helen.

Others did not notice, but she was always more perceptive than those around her, and she felt a dignity in him that belied his status. She started to get to know him, he orders assigned tasks that allowed them to spend time together. She was determined to discover what was so strange that he thereby attract her interest. Although his protests seemed genuine, she will eventually be able to find reason to question his very identity, and did so. Acastus it was actually a Tok'ra operative. After a long night of discussions he could convince Helen to just the Tok'ra thing. Helen agreed to keep their secret.

As time passed, their relationship deepened and they became lovers. They did their best to keep it a secret, but Alexander discovered their relationship and tried to kill Acastus, which he thought was a simple Helot. Since In symbiote Acastus survived but his host body was too badly injured to live.

He asked Helen allowed to mix with her, and she went. Unfortunately trauma was too great. Acastus survived a day after the blending, his death blow her but she was comforted by the remaining memories of his life. Helen few bear a son, she named him Galen, and she knew that Acastus was the father, as did Alexander. Alexander did Galens life very difficult when he moved into the ranks of the Spartan warrior, even throw him in females less role Crypteia. With his insight motion Alexanders troops and Acastus knowledge of the Stargate. Helen could arrange gateways for dissidents to evacuated through the gate to another world: Ivanna. By this method, she can keep persected members of her security people slowly spiriting them away from Sparta. Her role in this activity is safe hidden and the truth unlikely to ever be discovered.

Even the Helots she saved are unaware Helens commitment. Helen is 120 years old, but seems to be in her late thirty years. She is stunningly beautiful with thick dark hair that flows down her perfect shoulders when not styled in elaborate braids around her hair. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

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