"Every Tollan has a small implant that monitors their health."

Every Tollan had a small health monitor implanted in his/her wrist, monitoring the individual's health. In case of a medical emergency, this implant would automatically alert the emergency services. The maximum response time was only five minutes. This small device could also be used to track one's position, although this was highly illegal.

It was possible to remove the implant, although what might be involved or how painful, if any, this might be is unknown. The implant would still continue working outside the body, and if was being used to track the person, there wouldn't be any indication that it wasn't inside the body.

Each Tollan also had a device that could scan their implant to get their immediate state of health. The device also kept these scans as a record of one's health and could apparently also keep a record of when the person had received medical treatment. (SG1: "Between Two Fires")

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