Doctor Harriet Hewston was an Atlantis expedition member, part of the science team under Dr. Rodney McKay to explore the city for Ancient devices.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background information[edit | edit source]

Hewston studied at the University of Washington in Seattle achieving a degree in Computer Engineering and went on to get a doctorate in physics. She took a position with United States Air Force technology division and after two years was asked to join the Stargate Program and later took a position with the Atlantis expedition where she specialized in adapting new technologies to work with our own and charged with cataloging and deciphering new technology. (SGA: "The DVD Collection 89")

2007[edit | edit source]

She was once working with a colleague, Dr. James Watson when they both activated an Ancient device. The second they realized it was emitting radiation, they deactivated it and reported to Dr. Carson Beckett, where he found nothing life-threatening on them. However, she didn't realize that a tumor was being developed behind her lung. The next morning, she went on a sparring session with Teyla Emmagan, and later planned a late lunch. When Teyla left Hewston in the mess hall to get her Bantos rods, the tumor went into a critical mass and Hewston exploded, killing her instantly. The detonation also killed three others. (SGA: "Sunday")

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