Harlan was the last android survivor of Altair. He was called annoying by Colonel Jack O'Neill- with Samantha Carter agreeing with that assessment even if she recognized that Harlan wasn't a threat- and was fond of saying comtrya, an Altair greeting of some sorts.


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Harlan maintained the factories beneath the surface for over 11,000 years, as the facility is essential for the survival of his android form. After the surface of the planet became uninhabitable due to an unidentified environmental disaster, Harlan and many like him downloaded their consciousnesses into mechanical android bodies, allowing them to live indefinitely, as long as their power supply is not depleted. This power supply is usually maintained by a projected field of energy, however, beyond that field, he and his race rely on battery cells with a limited power supply.

However, over time, most inhabitants became disgruntled with their meaningless life, and several survivors committed suicide by intentionally allowing their power packs to run out. Others, died in accidents. After a survivor named Wallace died, Harlan remained on his own, forced to maintain the complex alone. (SG1: "Tin Man")


When SG-1 arrived millennia later, Harlan rendered the team unconscious and, unknown to them, created mechanical copies of the four. These copies were initially unaware of their true nature, and tried to return to Earth. However, after discovering their true identity, these four androids had no other choice than to remain on Altair with Harlan, and aiding him in maintaining the plant. (SG1: "Tin Man")


But, like their original selves, they eventually couldn't bear their isolation after burying the Stargate and, against Harlan's advice, began exploring the galaxy. After these copies of SG-1 had been captured by Cronus, Harlan went to Earth to ask for help. The real SG-1 reluctantly agreed, but after the duplicate SG-1's death (Robo-Daniel had his head shot off, Robo-Sam gave her life locking security doors in order to keep Cronus' Jaffa from swarming her, Sam and Jack, Robo-Jack was badly damaged in their attempt to secure the ring transporters and Robo-Teal'c died after saving Teal'c from Cronus, Harlan eventually returned to Altair without his four companions. (SG1: "Double Jeopardy")


Theta team - a team of android duplicates of SG-1 created by the NID as part of a plan to acquire alien technology, the Theta team being a more twisted, darker version of their templates- arrive on Altiar seeking new methods of recharging. By this time, the complex is falling apart with only Harlan to maintain it and a recent coolant leak causes it be rocked by a series of explosions. In the chaos that followed, the real SG-1 found Harlan and tried to take him back to Earth with them. However, Harlan ran off into the exploding complex and was presumably destroyed. When the SGC dialed Altair again, they were unable to get a lock on the planet. (SG1: "Hydra")

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