Hamburger, fries & ketchup

"From now on I only want to eat hamburgers and french fries..."
Machello in the body of Daniel Jackson[src]

Hamburger is a sandwich consisting of a cooked patty of ground meat (beef, pork, turkey, chicken, etc.) usually placed inside a sliced hamburger bun. Hamburgers are often served with lettuce, bacon, tomato, onion, pickles, cheese and condiments such as mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and relish. Ma'chello and Fred ordered hamburgers and french fries at a diner. (SG1: "Holiday")

Jonas Quinn ordered a hamburger and french fries at a diner in Steveston, Oregon. (SG1: "Nightwalkers")

Dr. Rodney McKay told Lt. Aiden Ford that if he went to Earth he would return with Big Mac's for everyone. (SGA: "Home")

Eli Wallace told Chloe Armstrong that his last job was in the burger and fries field. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")

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