"I don't know what that means."
"It's his name!
―Halling, John Sheppard, and Marshall Sumner[src]

Halling is a male Athosian from the planet Athos. A deeply spiritual man, Halling is loyal to his people and loving to his son, Jinto.



Halling meets Marshall Sumner.

He was the first adult Athosian to encounter the Atlantis expedition team on the planet Athos. He led them to Teyla Emmagan, the leader of their people. During the Culling, he was beamed up by a Wraith Dart. He was taken to a Hive Ship on the Wraith homeworld and was rescued by Major John Sheppard. He traveled with the rest of their people to Atlantis to establish a new life for themselves, relatively free from the constant threat of the Wraith. (SGA: "Rising")

When Jinto got lost in Atlantis while playing Hide and seek, he joined Sheppard in the search and used the communication system to talk to him. (SGA: "Hide and Seek")

While Teyla along with other AR-1 members was stuck in the back of a Puddle Jumper, he offered Dr. Weir to conduct a ritual prayer that would prepare them for death, according to the Athosian beliefs. (SGA: "Thirty-Eight Minutes")

He briefly served as a guide to the Atlantis reconnaissance unit led by Sgt. Stackhouse, before he and the Athosians relocated to a newly-discovered continent near the city. While they remain in communication with Teyla and Atlantis, there they hope to start a new life on Lantea. (SGA: "Suspicion")


Before the Battle of Atlantis, he protested the planned destruction of Atlantis to Dr. Elizabeth Weir. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 1")


After the discovery of the Tria and return of the Ancients, he and the rest of the Athosians were moved to New Athos. (SGA: "The Return, Part 1")


Along with the other Athosians, Halling disappeared from New Athos without a trace. (SGA: "Missing")


While searching for clues to the Athosians disappearance, Teyla found a box of Athosian personal belongings on Croya. Amongst these was a ring belonging to Halling. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1")

After being taken prisoner by Michael Kenmore, Teyla is reunited with Halling and the surviving Athosians. Halling explains to Teyla how the Athosians were kidnapped by Michael and loses hope in a rescue since they had believed Teyla would find them and she is now imprisoned with them. When Michael's men come to take Teyla, Halling tries to protect her but he is knocked to the ground for his efforts. Halling and the other Athosians are later rescued by a team led by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard after the Atlantis expedition finds Michael's base with the help of a clone of Doctor Carson Beckett and Nabel Golan. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2")


When Atlantis returns to the Pegasus Galaxy, Teyla contacts New Athos to let them know of Atlantis' survival. Halling answers and is relieved to hear that Atlantis was not destroyed as the Athosians had feared. Teyla and her team later visit New Athos and Halling shows a knowledge of the incompatibility of Teyla and Kanaan and supports her moving on from him as a result. Halling is later stunned when the Wraith raid New Athos to kidnap Doctor Rodney McKay, having used a fake distress call from the Athosians to draw Sheppard's team to the planet. Halling does his best to help Doctor Radek Zelenka narrow down the possibilities of planets McKay could have been taken to, using his knowledge of which planets the Athosians would've dialed. With Halling's help, Zelenka is able to narrow it down to nine possible planets and Sheppard reassures Halling that thanks to him, their job will now be much easier. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")


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  • In Norway, Halling can have multiple meanings
    • The original meaning is a type of dance, Hallingdans, involving the dancers trying to kick a hat of a stick.
    • Another meaning is the Norwegian valley Hallingdal (halling valley), named after the dance.

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