The Hall of Thor's Might is a cavern on Cimmeria where Cimmerians may be tested by the Asgard to determine their level of advancement and "maturity". Those who enter the Hall must pass the Test of Worthiness in order to have the real form of the Asgard revealed to them. The Hall itself was accessible through an Asgard transporter, taking the form of a pillar with the image of Thor's Hammer upon it, deep in a forest.

Following Heru-ur's invasion of Cimmeria, SG-1 members Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter decided to investigate the Hall of Thor's Might, thinking, based on the name, that it would hold a weapon in the vein of Thor's Hammer. Visiting the Hall with Gairwyn, the pair passed the Test of Worthiness, using the knowledge and critical thinking intrinsic to modern Tau'ri education. They were shocked to learn of the Hall's true purpose when they were placed into direct contact with Thor himself. Thor admitted that he had not anticipated outside interference and ejected the Tau'ri from the Hall, though Gairwyn remained. Thor later dealt with Heru-ur and reprogrammed both Thor's Hammer and the Hall of Thor's Might to take SG-1 into account. (SG1: "Thor's Chariot")

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