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Dr. Haithem Aziz is a Tau'ri who had studied the Gilgamesh Vessel.


Haithem was the son of a Baathist and prior to the Iraq war, had been an official for Baghdad's Museum of Antiquities. During his time at the museum, Dr. Aziz did a study of the Gilgamesh Vessel with a plan to write a book about it. However, he was unable to decipher the vessel's inscription due to it being in an odd dialect of the Ancient language.

When the war started, Dr. Aziz witnessed the museum being raided and saw the destruction of the Vessel by one of the interior ministers loading it into a truck haphazardly.

After the fall of Saddam, the Shi'a took over and forced Haithem out of his position due to him being a Sunni.

Later on, Dr. Daniel Jackson went to Dr. Aziz for knowledge about the vessel. After Daniel showed him a picture of a shard of the artifact, Haithem became suspicious of him and held a gun on him. They were then interrupted by a group of men who wanted Aziz to sell them treasures he did not possess. So in response, they were going to kill him and Daniel.

However, just before they're shot, the two were beamed aboard the Daedalus. While there, Haithem informed Daniel all he knew about the vessel and where to find his notes and photos left locked away in his old office, which Daniel and Vala Mal Doran managed to acquire. (Stargate: "Daniel Jackson 1")

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