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"They call it ‘Haidon’, which apparently means ‘Home’. We’re taking that home away."

Haidon, designated PX8-448 by the Tau'ri, is a planet in the Milky Way galaxy.


Haidon was a Xi'an colony planet that had been liberated from the System Lords. (SGU: "Icarus 1")

The Lucian Alliance battled for Haidon under leader Corrin. They launched a sneak attack with Death Gliders and then landed shuttles of soldiers into the city. Colonel David Telford, who was working undercover, led the attack. The Xi'an lost the battle and Haidon fell to the Alliance. (SGU: "Icarus 3")

A few fighters attempted to flee the planet but found themselves surrounded at the stargate. Corrin had two of the three killed, then spared Duizhu Cheung to use as a messenger to the Xi'an homeworld that the Lucian Alliance was coming and they must surrender or die. (SGU: "Icarus 1")

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