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Hah'lak is a male Tlak'kahn, who is part of the Nax'kan Council.


Commander Da'kyll reported to Hah'lak that he had lost track of Draga and Major Gus Bonner's position and took full responsibility. Hah'lak, however, felt he was being too hard on himself and he still had confidence in him.

Shortly after, Pahk'kal came to him with two Bounty hunters, who had managed to locate Bonner's team's location, and wanted to make a deal with them bringing her to him. Hah'lak promised they would be rewarded.

Later, he brought Da'kyll to the stargate to show off his moment of triumph, but instead, a sea beast came through the gate and grabbed him, He then yelled for Da'kyll's help. (INF: "Hot Water")