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"Ancient evil arises."
―Line from the trailer for Stargate SG-1: The Alliance.[src]

The Haaken were an ancient race that once inhabited the galaxy during the time of the Ancients.

In this time, they were noted for being an old and proud race that the Ancients aided by giving them technological secrets. However, the Haaken corrupted these gifts and used them to embark on a reign of terror across known space. This saw them ravage the races of that era which included the Asgard, Goa'uld, Nox and Furlings that fell before the Haaken's might. The relentless Haaken's destructive rampage also afflicted many other races during this time. The Ancients were, however, indifferent to the Haaken and Oma Desala was among those that refused to give their technology. Their stance changed when they saw how freely the Haaken used the technology given to them and thus moved them in opposing this threat. During this time, what remained of the Asgard, Goa'uld and Nox worked together to face the final strike of the Haaken. At this point, the Ancients created an Artifact that was responsible for imprisoning them and they vanished from the galaxy.

This event became a point of contention and divide amongst the Ancients which was the reason they instituted a policy of non-interference. It was this policy which was why they opposed Oma Desala's actions in uplifting the younger races and teaching them Ascension. In the aftermath, the Haaken remained trapped whilst the likes of the Goa'uld rose to dominance in the galaxy. The Ancients, however, never moved to remove the Goa'uld as they parasitic aliens did not hold any defense against Ancient technology. The Goa'uld were considered a pale threat compared to the likes of the ruthless Haaken due to their ability to wield technology that was able to challenge even the Ancients. Their imprisonment remained for many years until the return of Anubis who utilized the Artifact to free the Haaken once more. However, his new allies were unpredictable and Anubis sought the Artifact components to not only bind the Haaken to his service but also corrupt the technology to imprison the Ancients as well. The Haaken were used in this alliance against the Tau'ri whilst Anubis sought this Artifact of great power. During this time, the Haaken soldiers used mark I and II Haaken Destruktors. (SG1: "The Alliance")

Behind the scenesEdit

As the Haaken only originate in the unreleased computer game, Stargate SG-1: The Alliance, it is unclear as to what their status is in Stargate canon. As the game was originally meant to be canon, it's entirely possible that the race is also but, as it was cancelled, there is also the possibility that they are in fact non-canon. Whilst cancelled, parts of the various mission videos and audio files had been uploaded online.

On the design, lead artist Jason Morris commented that the Haaken needed to visually be scary, fast and intelligent looking that was not an easy combination to visualise.


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