"It is a Goa'uld attack vessel."

The Ha'tak is a class of Goa'uld spaceship later used by the Free Jaffa Nation, the Tok'ra, and Lucian Alliance and was once a sign of Goa'uld prestige and power.

During the reign of the Goa'uld Empire in the Milky Way galaxy, the Ha'tak served as the main class of capital ship employed by most Goa'uld System Lords. During the height of the Goa'uld Empire, the Ha'tak was among the most powerful vessels in the Milky Way, with hundreds having been positioned around the galaxy to cement and project the power of the Goa'uld. Following the fall of the Goa'uld Empire in 2005, the Ha'tak's presence in the galaxy endured, being adopted as the main battleship of the Jaffa.

Though the Ha'tak remained largely unparalleled in terms of overall power when compared to the ships of most races in the galaxy for centuries, the Ha'tak's prestige has dramatically declined following the fall of the Goa'uld. The ships of several other races currently possess technologies and capabilities that far exceed that of the modern Ha'tak.



A computer screen display of a Ha'tak's interior.

The Ha'tak consists of two sections: the main section is a golden triangle-based pyramid built into the center of the vessel, evocative of an Egyptian pyramid, containing the majority of the primary systems as well as the command areas and Glider bay. Built around the pyramid is a much larger, triangle-shaped superstructure, which wraps around the center of the pyramid. The outer structure houses the vessel's weapons. The oldest class of Ha'taks, such as those used by the Goa'uld Ra, were around 10,000 years old.

A Ha'tak's armament is vast, possessing 60 high-power Staff cannons scattered around the superstructure. These can be used for ship to ship combat or orbital bombardment. It can also house a large compliment of Death Gliders for use as a fighter screen or other tactical maneuvers, and can hold a crew compliment of approximately 2000 Jaffa warriors. It is equipped with powerful shields and a hyperdrive of superior performance to anything else in the Goa'uld fleet.

A Ha'tak is not to be mistaken for the pyramid landing ship, for the ship that lands on pyramids, see "Cheops class warship"



Ba'al's Ha'tak 2

Ba'al sits at the Pel'tak of his ship.

The Pel'tak is the bridge of a Goa'uld Ha'tak vessel, built into the pyramid core and positioned slightly above the superstructure to avoid obstructing the view into space. This designates the "front" of the vessel. Though the design varies from ship to ship (size being the primary difference), the common elements include an ornate captain's chair, usually built in the style of the Goa'uld to whom the ship belongs, and two Goa'uld control consoles. The primary control console, located near the front of the bridge, controls every major system aside from weapons. It is usually built directly in front of the main window, which doubles as a viewscreen for communication and a HUD in combat. The weapons console is usually concealed beneath the floor and raised when necessary.

Engine room[]


Engine room of a Goa'uld Ha'tak vessel.

The engine room contains all the necessary equipment for the vessel to function. The power core and hyperdrive are in this room, as well as the control crystals for every major system on the ship. A single set of backup crystals is kept on hand for emergencies. (SG1: "Exodus")

Glider bays[]

Glider bay launcher

The glider bay on Anubis' Ha'tak.

Glider Launch bay

Glider launch bay.

The Glider bays are located on the same side of the pyramid as the Pel'tak. When not in use, Death Gliders are stored in racks to save space. When deploying them becomes necessary, they are dropped below the racks to the runway, where they are then "shot" out of launchers that send them out at high speeds. Although the design of such bays can change significantly from one class of Ha'tak to another, all Death Gliders come out from an aperture at the base of the pyramid core, underneath the superstructure

The Glider bays make use of a Goa'uld force field to contain the vessel's atmosphere, allowing Death Gliders to be launched without the need for depressurization. This field, while holding the air in, also repels foreign elements like water and possibly interstellar gas. This feature allowed SG-1 to escape in a Glider from a Ha'tak submerged deep under water. (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "The Serpent's Lair", "Descent")

Cargo room[]

Enemies 2

A cargo room.

The cargo rooms of Ha'taks hold cases filled with weapons, riches, Naquadah, or whatever else a Goa'uld may need to transport. They are large enough to carry an entire Stargate (several, if need be) and the accompanying Dial Home Device. While useless in space, this can allow a Ha'tak orbiting a planet to dial elsewhere if need be. (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "Off the Grid")

Power generation[]

Naquadah reactor[]

Little is known about the details of a Ha'tak's power core. At the very least, it is Naquadah-based, as is most of their technology. It is also known that Ha'tak motherships have an emergency power core. (SG1: "Off the Grid")


Sublight engines[]

Control crystal 3

Sublight control crystal tray.

Ha'taks use an advanced form of propulsion which circumvents the need for chemical rockets or ion thrusters of any sort, allowing them to achieve great accelerations. These invisible systems, apparently able to manipulate inertia along given vectors, can easily take a Ha'tak to 5% of lightspeed and velocities where planets come in and out of view within a few minutes (they went from Saturn to Earth in minutes at a time when the distance between them was roughly 10.11 AU), and are most likely the system used to keep them at a stable altitude within gravitational fields. These engines are also used to slow the ship down when exiting hyperspace. (SG1: "Exodus", "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "Enemies")


Goa'uld hyperdrive

A Ha'tak in hyperspace.

A standard Ha'tak hyperdrive can propel a Ha'tak through hyperspace at 32,000 times the speed of light. A Ha'tak is incapable of intergalactic travel; it would take over 125 years for a Ha'tak to move from the distant galaxy and return to the Milky Way galaxy. This can be circumvented by various means, such as unexpected hyperspace disruption by the blast wave of a supernova or the addition of a substantial amount of energy. (SG1: "Exodus", "Enemies")



Goa'uld shield generator

The shield generators.

Ha'tak vessels make use of defensive shields to protect them from damage. They can withstand extended fire from other Ha'tak vessels (over 12-14 shots or a few minutes of sustained fire from multiple Ha'taks), as well the radiation and heat of the corona of a blue giant for nine hours. A Naquadah-enhanced Mark 12A Minuteman Nuclear warhead with 1,000 megaton yields had no apparent affect. It should be noted however; that the explosion from this missile is not nuclear. It is unclear if that was a VFX mistake or a deliberate decision by the showrunners. There is no nuclear explosion anytime a missile hits shields, Goa'uld or Ori, but there is against a Wraith hive ship. The railguns on early Daedalus-class warships also inflict minimum damage against them. They have been shown to be easily overwhelmed by Asgard, Tollan, Ori, and later Tau'ri ship to ship weaponry. (SG1: "The Serpent's Lair", "Camelot") (SGA: "No Man's Land")

Enemies 1

Shields of a Goa'uld Ha'tak vessel.

Anubis' Ha'tak had upgraded shields that could withstand weapons fire from an Asgard Bilskirnir-class ship without taking any damage. However, it is unknown exactly how effective the shields would be against the more advanced O'Neill-class ships, as the armaments are considerably upgraded from the Bilskirnir. These shields are incapable of resisting Ancient drone weapons. Ha'taks, with or without upgraded shields and weapons, are nothing more than cannon fodder for the primary weapon on a Ori warship. Even the secondary weapon rips a Ha'tak apart in no more than a handful of shots. (SG1: "The Serpent's Lair", "Enemies", "Lost City, Part 2", "Off the Grid", "Camelot")

The generator is located far below the vessel at the very bowels of the ship, inside a very large shaft. It is usually heavily guarded, but is quite susceptible to sabotage by even crude explosives, such as grenades, dropped from above. (SG1: "The Serpent's Lair")

Cloaking device[]

Though most Ha'taks do not possess a cloak, a fleet built by Sokar and under the control of Apophis was outfitted with such devices. They were used during a meeting with Heru'ur at the site of an alien minefield in the Tobin system. They eluded detection and when a mine exploded against Apophis's shields, it was believed to be a trap set by Heru'ur and Apophis's fleet decloaked and sacrificed themselves to protect Apophis' mothership from the mines, while Apophis destroyed Heru'ur's Ha'tak and Heru'ur along with it. (SG1: "The Serpent's Venom")

Evidently the technology and/or techniques required to construct a cloaking device capable of hiding a Ha'tak was lost after the death of Apophis in 2001, as no further Ha'taks were ever equipped with a cloak.


Staff cannons[]

Battle to destroy Anubis' mothership

Several Ha'taks firing their staff cannons

Con Hatak Bombarding Washington DC

Washington DC being destroyed by Ha'tak bombardment in an alternate timeline.

A Ha'tak possesses 60 Staff cannons for ship to ship combat and orbital bombardment. Despite their size, they are extremely fast and maneuverable. They are placed around the superstructure that surrounds the pyramid. The cannons are placed on diametrically opposed sides of the domes present on the scaffolding structure, along the slope of each arm, making it a total of two cannons per dome, and therefore twelve cannons covering the upper side, with an equal amount of domes, and thus cannons, on the underside. Therefore, their optimal position and hemispherical arc of fire allows a Ha'tak to hit any target with a balanced amount of fire, from any position. The various observed levels of firepower, rates of fire, and even projectile ejection speeds indicate that these weapons can be recalibrated at will. The maximum observed range thus far has been orbital, and their maximum firepower is unknown. At minimum, their power can be equivalent to that of the staff cannons on a death glider as seen during a bombardment of Cal Mah. During an invasion of Earth, explosions were reported to be the equivalent of 200 megaton nuclear warheads. However, judging from the fact they take no damage from 1,000 megaton nuclear explosions, Ha'tak staff cannons are possibly capable of several thousand megatons. The staff cannons on Anubis' Ha'tak were upgraded, allowing them to take down the shields of an Asgard Bilskirnir-class ship and destroy the vessel with help from maybe one other Ha'tak, though it is unknown whether the other Ha'tak was also upgraded. (SG1: "There But for the Grace of God", "Within the Serpent's Grasp", "The Serpent's Lair", "Exodus", "Enemies")

Several lighter point defense cannons are notably present around the base of the pyramid core.



Goa'uld bomb

Some Ha'taks also seem to come equipped with a small complement of roughly two feet high spherical bombs. As Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter was deploring the lack of nukes that could be beamed onto an Ori warship to destroy it, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell asked Teal'c if there were any "fancy Jaffa bombs", to which he replied that they had "explosives that should be effective". However, as these are never used in any ship to ship engagements, they are likely merely a weapon in the armory rather than a part of the Ha'tak armament. (SG1: "Flesh and Blood")

Passive systems[]


Ha'taks in general possess the capacity to transmit and receive high quality subspace communications over interstellar distances.

Computer core[]

Ha'tak computer core

The computer core.

The computer core of Ha'taks were advanced computers that were located deep inside a mothership where it controlled vital components of the vessel such as the self-destruct and other ship based systems. An operator from the core was capable of running a ship diagnostic in order to determine any faults that were present within the starship. The core was typically located in a specific chamber on its own level where it appeared as a room with a panel present where instructions were capable of being inputted into the computer.


Being the core of the Goa'uld fleet, the Ha'tak vessels come with a variety of sensors. First, the Short-Range sensors can detect, identify and target vessels within weapons range. The Medium-Range sensors are capable of detecting approaching ships from hundreds of kilometers away and are capable of identify them as well as scanning for energy signatures and life signs within these ships. Mid-range sensors can, in addition, scan an entire planet for specific life signs, structures or energy signatures, but only if this ship is in the orbit of the planet. The Long-Range sensors are capable of scanning distant objects in space, this includes detecting planets, stars and even ships but the longer range of these sensors comes at the cost of poor accuracy and with a range that allows the Ha'tak to scan to the second orbiting planet from the Sun. The Ha'tak possesses a limited subspace sensor capable of detecting a just-forming hyperspace window, detecting the ships in normal space from hyperspace and even detecting a fleet of ships travelling by hyperspace many lightyears away. (SG1: "Homecoming", "Camelot")

In general, a Ha'tak cannot detect a cloaked vessel, except by using roundabout methods such as disruptions caused by the vessel's presence (heat buildup during reentry, for example). However, upgrades made by Anubis to his own fleet enabled his Ha'taks to notice the presence of cloaked ships such as Tel'taks. Other conditions that may blind a Ha'tak are heavily ionized regions or beneath the corona of a star. Sensors obey line of sight principles, since planets, moons and suns are all capable of masking the presence of ships to a Ha'tak's attention. (SG1: "Enemies", "Redemption, Part 2")

Transportation devices[]

All Ha'tak's are equipped with a set of ring transporters, which were the primary form personnel transportation before Anubis discovered how to build and integrate Asgard beaming technology into Goa'uld ships.



The Ha'tak was the mainstay vessel of the Goa'uld Empire and later the Goa'uld remnant due to their strength, especially in large numbers. The Goa'uld System Lords typically invaded planets using small numbers of such ships, and counted on orbital supremacy to constrain generally inferior civilizations into rendition. They would rarely wipe them out unless absolutely necessary. More than anything else, the Ha'taks would be used as a demonstration of the Goa'uld's power. Ha'taks are resource-intensive for the Goa'uld; early on in the conflict between the Tau'ri and the Goa'uld, two Ha'tak ships and their crew represented an overwhelmingly large portion of a single System Lord's military resources, and a group of a dozen Ha'taks represented a record-sized fleet. However, large fleets would increasing be fielded as the conflict escalated, especially by Goa'uld with very large production capabilities such as Sokar and Anubis. At the height of their power, it is known that the fleet of the System Lords consisted of at least 200 Ha´Tak vessels divided amongst many different System Lords. (SG1: "Family", "Enemies", "Lost City, Part 2", "Reckoning, Part 2")

Free Jaffa Nation[]

With the fall of the Goa'uld, a number of Ha'taks were absorbed into the Free Jaffa Nation. The number of Ha'taks were initially minimal, but their numbers kept growing over time, despite the increasing threat of the Ori, Lucian Alliance and Ba'al. By 2006, the Jaffa had at least 13 Ha'taks. (SG1: "Beachhead")


After the end of the Goa'uld reign over the galaxy, a number of Ha'taks fell into the Tok'ra ownership. As the Tok'ra were biologically Goa'uld, operating them would be no issue.(SG1: "Camelot")

Lucian Alliance[]

The fall of the System Lords saw the power vacuum they left behind partially filled by the Lucian Alliance, who had already started to accumulate various Goa'uld technologies by 2005. When the Goa'uld Empire totally collapsed, their remaining resources—including Ha'taks—were left behind to be taken by anyone with the ability to operate them. Given that Goa'uld technology, similar to Ancient technology, is designed to operate by persons with the presence of Naquadah in their blood, it stands to reason that the Lucian Alliance devised either a similar biological solution to the Tau'ri's ATA gene therapy (given the unlikelihood that there were many former Goa'uld hosts in their ranks) or a technological workaround that bypassed that feature. (SG1: "Off the Grid", "Camelot", "Bounty") (SGU: "Air, Part 1")


Acquiring technology to fight against the Goa'uld and other threats was a major goal for humans with the Stargate Program. One of the greatest goals was to acquire a Ha'tak class vessel. This goal has been achieved twice, with assistance of the Tok'ra, but each time the acquired vessel was destroyed in short order. (SG1: "Enemies", "Descent")


After taking Goa'uld motherships and upgrading their weapons to surpass even the Asgard, these ships were used against the Goa'uld fleet and the Asgard. They were also used in a failed attack on the Dakara superweapon. The Replicators controlling the ships were destroyed by the Dakara superweapon during the Battle of Dakara and the ships fell into the hands of the Free Jaffa. (SG1: "Reckoning, Part 1", "Reckoning, Part 2")

Ha'taks in service[]

Ha'tak schematic

Ha'tak schematic.

Goa'uld Ha'taks[]

Free Jaffa Ha'taks[]

Lucian Ha'taks[]

Hataks orbit Icarus

Three Lucian Alliance Ha'taks caught in the destruction of P4X-351.

Known destroyed Ha'tak[]


Appearances for Ha'tak

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