HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus a highly communicable immune system destroying virus known to exist on Earth. When Eli Wallace was fourteen years old, his mother, Marian Wallace contracted HIV while she was accidentally stuck with a needle while attempting to restrain a junkie. The medical cost to treat the disease was financially devastating, but the United States Air Force managed to remedy this while Eli was working for the Icarus project and was on Destiny. However, despairing at the possibility of never seeing her son again, Marian began to stop taking her medication and give up her fight, falling into a depression, saying Eli was the reason she even got up in the morning. She became anemic and Eli was recalled to Earth through the long-range communication device to help her. After visiting Destiny through the communications device and seeing Eli and what he was doing for her, Marian resumed her fight against the disease. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Earth", "Time", "Pathogen")

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