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Gus Bonner holds the rank of Major within the United States Air Force and commands a team of cadets within Stargate Command. Trained by Harley Shepherd in his early years, Bonner would become one of the best team leaders within Stargate Command by the age of 50 and accomplished quite a number of missions through the Stargate. At this time, he would have a niece, Stacey Bonner.

His fame at the SGC would come to an end after being framed by a Sheftu and the Tlak'kahn. Despite being somewhat of a rebel, he has since mellowed out but has been forced to become a fugitive along with his close friends and cadets. Despite being 50, he has plenty of fight within him. Gus tends to follow his gut instincts and is drawn to the allure of exploring new distant worlds though longs to clear his name and return to Earth.


Early Life[]

When first being assigned a position at Stargate Command, Bonner celebrated by getting a tattoo of the SGC's insignia on his chest, which he would regret in his later years. (INF: "The Illustrated Stacey")


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