Grieg was a young Airman stationed on Atlantis following its return to the Pegasus Galaxy.



During the Raid on Atlantis, Grieg was part of a security team that accompanied Lt. Colonel John Sheppard to stop the Wraith from stealing Atlantis' ZPM. After Sheppard figures out that the now-Wraith Doctor Rodney McKay set up so that two Atlantis transporters are needed to reach the ZPM Hub, Grieg makes a smartass comment about how it could just be set up to waste their time. Moments later, the Wraith arrive from the transporter and Sheppard's team engages in a gunfight with them. One of the Marines is stunned and Grieg, who Sheppard thinks of as "the smartass airman", pulls him to safety. As Grieg covers the downed Marine, he is attacked by a Wraith warrior who feeds upon him despite Sheppard's best efforts to save him. Finally, a Marine is able to pull the warrior off of Grieg and its then killed by a headshot from Sheppard's FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon, but its too late as Grieg has already been fed off of to the point that he's a withered corpse. Sheppard checks Grieg's body, learning his name from his name patch though Sheppard admits to himself privately that he'll probably still think of Grieg as "that smartass" when he has to write the letter to Grieg's family. (SGA: "Allegiance")

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