The Gravel pit planet[1] is a barren planet in an unnamed galaxy that was seeded with a Stargate by an Ancient Seed ship.

In 2009, the planet was visited by the Destiny expedition. Though the planet showed some signs of vegetation, the area around the Stargate was barren, thus the team was forced to explore a wider area. During their search, they found a Nakai fighter lying on a ridge.

Dr. Nicholas Rush, interested in the first alien technology discovered in the dozen-or-so planets the expedition has visited, went through the Stargate to investigate. The ship appeared completely powerless and the team was running out of time before Destiny reentered FTL. Colonel Everett Young ordered the rest of the team to return to the ship, while he and Rush, who desperately wanted a few more minutes to investigate, stayed behind. It was at this moment that Young revealed to Rush that he was aware Rush had framed him for the murder of Sgt. Spencer. The two began to fight, Young overpowered Rush, knocked him unconscious and left him stranded on the barren planet.

Rush awoke at night and stared upward at the powerless craft. (SGU: "Justice") He managed to activate some of the ship's systems, inadvertently triggering a distress beacon which summoned the Nakai, who proceeded to capture him. (SGU: "Space")

Eli Wallace, Chloe Armstrong, and Lt. Matthew Scott return to this planet accidentally, after they are stranded on the Ruins planet, and use the opportunity to access the fighter's database and copy its map of the Stargate network in the galaxy, thereby allowing them to catch up to Destiny. (SGU: "Lost")