Golla IX appointed P5X-404 by the Tau'ri is a planet in the Milky Way galaxy that has a Stargate.


In 2004, SG-1 explored the planet after they received information from another planet if there were artifacts on the planet.

All the team found was some sphere-shaped stones with text. They encountered twenty Aschen drones that appeared out of the ground. The team was rescued by a team from the Pack who visited Golla IX to look for something that could heal their land aboard the Wanderer and save their crops, but they found nothing. Golla IX has an asteroid-like moon. (SG1: "Relativity")

Golla IX is later the staging point for a joint task force between a fleet of Free Jaffa Nation ships and the Odyssey for an attack on one of Ba'al's bases. Seeking information on the Asgard Fenrir from the Odyssey's Asgard computer core, Doctor Rodney McKay and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard rendezvous with the Tau'ri vessel here to search the database. (SGA: "Nightfall")

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