O'Neill and Teal'c playing golf through the Stargate.

Golf is a sport and recreational activity played on Earth which consists of hitting a ball into holes with a club on a course.

When Teal'c and Colonel Jack O'Neill were trapped in the time loop in 2000, they played golf (or at least teed off) in Stargate Command through the Stargate to Alaris. Since Alaris is "several billion miles away", O'Neill reckoned that he'd broken the world record. (SG1: "Window of Opportunity")

While Rod McKay was in our reality's Atlantis in 2006, he played golf with Lt. Colonel John Sheppard on one of the balconies. During this time, he revealed some details about his own reality. He also claimed to have been able to help Sheppard with the game. (SGA: "McKay and Mrs. Miller")


Sheppard and Ronon playing golf in Atlantis.

In 2007, Sheppard was driving golf balls off one of Atlantis' balconies on the West Pier into the sea during his day off. He also tried to teach Ronon Dex how to play the game. Ronon proved to be very adept at the sport, albeit by using his own methods. (SGA: "Sunday")

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