The Tok'ra queen Egeria.

A Goa'uld queen is a Goa'uld who is capable of producing new Goa'uld.

Main Summary[]

While Goa'uld are sexless, there are some Goa'uld who can produce larva. These Goa'uld are referred to as Queens, both because they reproduce in a manner similar to Earth insects and because they often wield considerable political clout. Goa'uld Queens occasionally wield power and rise to the rank of System Lord on their own, but more often than not, they appear to serve as consorts to other System Lords (usually ones with male hosts). Almost without exception, Goa'uld queens prefer female hosts.

Queens are quite rare, and are capable of spawning numerous larval Goa'uld -- called prim'ta -- in each cycle. To do this the queen first acquires a "genetic sample" (often procured sexually, for those queens that have taken host bodies) from the symbiotes' intended host species to ensure compatibility.

A fossilized Goa'uld queen Cleo found on P3X-888.

While the development of new symbiotes usually involves passing on the Goa'uld genetic memory to its offspring, the queen may choose not to do so -- rendering the symbiotes "blank slates" that are more susceptible to command and domination, rather than thirsting for power and worship of their own. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 2")

When a queen begins to create symbiotes it grows a large sac which contains the young until they are ready for birth. The queen can detach from the sac to enter a host if desired. (SG1: "Cure")

Hathor was able to have her host emit a pheromone similar to Nish'ta, (SG1: "Hathor") but it is not clear if this was something all Queens could do.

Known queens[]

Those who have passed on are denoted with a †.