The Goa'uld laboratory was a facility used by the Goa'uld Empire.


These bases were constructed by the Goa'uld and held the standard architecture used by the race. It contained a golden tone with black walls surrounding the room. At the front lies a console containing Goa'uld tablets as well as numerous other controls. By the side, there was a circular raised table-like structure with a decoration on its surface. This was actually a complex database that, when activated, rose and held numerous crystal rectangular devices within it in numerous slots.

The walls of the chamber contained circular shaped portals that, when activated, receded and served as lockers where equipment was held. This allowed a Goa'uld scientist to keep items and advanced technology for later use.

It was possible to develop these outposts underground where they were capable of being used without notifying the native inhabitants of a world. The only means of access to the chamber was through Transportation rings which can be activated either remotely or through a button both on the surface as well as in the lab itself.

The means through which the labs were constructed is unknown.


The former Goa'uld System Lord Nirrti developed a secret laboratory on the planet Hanka where she experimented on the natives in order to develop a superior host; a Hok'tar. Through this lab, she was able to abduct those who had a retrovirus in their bodies thus enhancing their evolution. The changes wrought on their bodies forced them into the forest where they would rest above the laboratory itself whereupon they were abducted and experimented on.

To enter the lab a person had to touch a green glowing hand on a tree, which then activated the Transportation rings beside the tree and took the person down to the laboratory.

The lab was abandoned when Nirrti was apprehended by the Goa'uld Lord Cronus. After his death, Nirrit was freed and made her way to the laboratory once more in order to continue her experiments. At the time though, her facility was discovered by Stargate Command who later sought any means to aid the genetic changes present within Cassandra Fraiser. (SG1: "Rite of Passage")


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