A Goa'uld Grenade.

The Goa'uld grenade was a grenade device created by the Goa'uld. To activate the device, a pin—which was inscribed with Goa'uld writing—on it would be popped off then a piece of metal on the top would be pressed down. When this was done, a light on the grenade would start to flash red for a few seconds before going solid red.[1]


In the alternate timeline created by Ba'al, Teal'c destroyed the Solar observation outpost with one such grenade, killing Qetesh and her loyal Jaffa in the process. (Stargate: Continuum)

Behind the scenesEdit

Though only seen once on the show itself, the Goa'uld grenade was sold as part of the Stargate Legacy props auction on eBay.[1][2]


References and notesEdit

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