The Goa'uld explosive device was a handheld explosive bomb that was used by the Goa'uld. They resembled a shock grenade in form being metallic silvery sphere with a display in the front. These bombs simply needed to be placed and activated where the display showed white symbols that were a countdown. A Goa'uld bomb of this type were strong enough to destroy a small dwelling.

Setesh managed to retain some of these weapons after hiding on Earth from both the System Lords and Tok'ra. They along with other weapons of Goa'uld design were used in the Cult of Setesh. Members of Stargate Command discovered Setesh's existence due to intelligence furbished by Jacob Carter/Selmak who intended to eliminate the Goa'uld. After his base was discovered, Setesh activated a bomb with the intention of killing his followers and his attackers but this failed when they managed to escape into the underground tunnels beneath the cult compound. (SG1: "Seth")

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