The Goa'uld Bane was a device created by the Tok'ra with the express purpose of removing a symbiote from its host.

It appeared as a large device which was slightly wider and thicker than the Goa'uld healing device it resembled. The tri-color gems present in it showed that it was descended from the Ashrak Hara'kesh technology. It was one of the most closely guarded secrets of the Tok'ra and was the source of much enimity between them and the Ashrak.

The device used the principles of the neural spike generated by the Hara'kesh which was combined with the healing properties of the standard hand device. The parts of the device that possessed healing device properties also allowed the user to quickly heal any disruptions made to the host body. It was discovered that, when working in conjunction, the resulting device was capable of forcing a symbiote from the host without any serious damage to the host body itself. It was considered one of the key goals set forth by Egeria herself for her children in relation to host species. This was simply that no host were to be taken against their will and that those who were enslaved, were to be set free. Before the development of this technology, the only manner with which this could be accomplished was by killing the host which was considered much more merciful then allowing the host to live enslaved to the symbiote.

The process itself was equally painful to both the symbiote and the host. In order to ensure that this was not traumatic to the host, the Tok'ra developed numerous drugs that helped ease the pain the host felt which also worked to restrain them. It did give enough control to the symbiote to allow it to leave the body it had enslaved, should it choose to do so. Unfortunately, there exists no means that prevent the Goa'uld from killing the host as a last act of spite.

When activated, the device generated an energy beam that attacked the neural tissue directly and was very painful to the symbiote due to the simple fact that a majority of its small form was devoted to the nervous system. While being subject to the energies of the Goa'uld Bane, the symbiote suffers greatly for sometime. Should it survive the numerous exposures of the device then the symbiote will have gained the ability to trigger the death of the host as well as killing itself in the process. Goa'uld were unable to feign their death within the host as they only discovered that they prolonged their agony.

Another option however existed for the symbiote which would, sometimes, take the chance and exist the host in the hope that they would be able to escape the agony as well as potentially find a new host quickly. However, the Tok'ra were skilled in capturing the fleeing symbiote which would then be destroyed by Zat'nik'tel fire. Though, in the cases where the host was too valuable, the Tok'ra were known to make a deal with the symbiote. Once agreed upon, the symbiote would exit the body and be sent through the Stargate to a world that was not inhabited with any sentient beings. There the symbiote was set free where, potentially, it could survive. Though this was a rare thing to occur. (RPG: "Friends and Foes: Stargate Season Two")


The SG-1 episode "Dominion" demonstrated that the Tok'ra actually employ surgical means to remove a symbiote rather than the technology demonstrated by the Goa'uld Bane. However Stargate: Continuum contradicted this when the Ba'al clone had his symbiote removed by some kind of needle device. Perhaps the Tok'ra do it both surgically and technologically and as they were on the Odyssey and only had the surgical means available to them.

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