This individual has no known canonical name.  While the information presented is canonical, the individual described lacks an official name, thus the title is conjecture.

Goa'uld 5 was part of a group of Goa'uld that traveled through the Trial of Ra together and got trapped on the fourth planet for a hundred and forty-seven years.


Background information[]

In about 1852, this Goa'uld joined a group of six others that undertook the Trial of Ra together to gain a position in Ra's upper ranks. Together, the group made it through the first three planets of the Trial, but were unable to complete the fourth planet in time for an unknown reason, possibly being unable to find the Stargate address and password in the allotted time. Due to the nanocyites in their blood and the rules of the Trial, the group was unable to leave the planet in their current hosts without dying. Over time, the group located the spot on the back of the Sphinx's head where the address and password were hidden and did their best to erase the symbol signifying its location to strand anyone else that came through so that they could have an escape route.


In 1999, SG-1 was forced into the Trial of Ra by the System Lord Mat in an effort to get revenge for the death of Ra. While walking across the planet, SG-1 discovered the presence of other Goa'uld when one of the group, driven insane with desperation, attacked Colonel Jack O'Neill to take him as a host and was killed in the process. As SG-1 examined the Sphinx for clues, three of the others attack, firing at them with a sonic weapon that created explosions near the team. After Teal'c opened fire with his staff weapon and Colonel Jack O'Neill with his MP5, the Goa'uld retreated into the nearby gullies. As Dr. Daniel Jackson worked on the riddle, Major Samantha Carter spotted two more Goa'uld at their rear and they were quickly driven off by fire from O'Neill.

Laying down covering fire, the team retreated into a nearby gully and determined that they were facing five Goa'uld, three of whom were between them and the planet's Stargate. For better safety, SG-1 headed for a group of trees nearby, but were attacked by two Goa'uld as they made their way across the last open ground. Once more laying down covering fire for each other, they made it to the trees and the two Goa'uld retreated. However, they returned shortly after and the Goa'uld chased SG-1 for three and a half with neither side having any success in harming the other side. Finally, one of the Goa'uld attempted to ambush Daniel alone, but was killed in the attempt.

After killing two other Goa'uld on the way back from getting the Stargate addresss and password, Teal'c spotted this Goa'uld sneaking up on O'Neill and Daniel and shouted a warning to them. The Goa'uld tackled O'Neill, causing him to hit his head on the DHD pedestal. Daniel and the Goa'uld struggled over O'Neill's body with Daniel pulling the man off of O'Neill. Unwilling to fire at such close range to the unconscious O'Neill, Daniel clubbed the Goa'uld in the head with his zat to little effect. The Goa'uld knocked Daniel off of him with an elbow to the chest and went after O'Neill once again, but Daniel recovered quickly and returned to trying to pull him off of O'Neill.

As the Goa'uld and Daniel struggled, O'Neill recovered and kicked the Goa'uld off of him, sending the Goa'uld and Daniel crashing to the ground in a tangle. O'Neill started struggling with the Goa'uld himself as Daniel attempted to recover his zat. Finally, Daniel recovered his zat and O'Neill knocked the Goa'uld to the ground. Before Daniel could fire, the symbiote erupted from its host's neck towards Daniel's face, killing the host. Throwing himself to the side, Daniel wildly fired his zat at the symbiote, managing to hit it. The Goa'uld crashed to the ground next to Daniel's leg, stunned and was then obliterated by Daniel with his zat. (SG1: "The Barque of Heaven")