The Goa'uld-busters are a type of weapon developed by the Tau'ri.


Goa'uld Busters are stated to be modified Mark 12A warheads inside of a missile, enhanced with a small amount of raw Naquadah. Their original yield was stated to be 375 kilotons, while the enhanced version is equal to a 1,000 megaton nuclear warhead, or 1,000,000 kilotons; the previous Tau'ri record was a 58 megaton RDS-220 Thermonuclear or "hydrogen" bomb detonated by the Soviet Union, 37 years prior. This makes the Goa'uld Buster almost 2,500 fold the strength of the original warhead, and this with the mere addition of a small amount of raw Naquadah. The weapon was also fitted with the same material used by Earth stealth aircraft, making it invisible to Radar, but not to Ha'tak sensors. The Goa'uld-buster maximum speed is 15,000 miles/hour.


When Apophis attempted to invade Earth, two Goa'uld-buster warheads were launched to destroy the two orbiting Ha'tak motherships. However, they failed to penetrate the protective energy shields of the ships and the missiles themselves were eventually destroyed. (SG1: "The Serpent's Lair")

It is unknown if these are still used on Tau'ri ships with merely a different designation, but due to their ineffectiveness against Goa'uld motherships, it's unlikely.

Notes Edit

The Western designation of the RDS-220 Thermoneuclear bomb was "Tsar Bomba" literally meaning "King of all bombs".

The original design of the RDS-220 Thermonuclear bomb had a U-238 tamper giving it a yield of around 100 megatons. However this yield was deemed to dangerous for a test, as the detonation would have released so much nuclear fallout that the total amount of radiation released from the explosion would have been equal to 26% of all radiation released since the invention of nuclear weapons at the time; the detonation would have also destroyed the modified Tu-95 "Bear" that carried the bomb killing the crew. (Wikipedia "Tsar Bomba")

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