Gloria Rush was a female Tau'ri, and the wife of Dr. Nicholas Rush.


Background information[]

She was a concert violinist and diagnosed with cancer. She also taught violin privately and gave her personal violin to one of her students before she died. Her only regret was that she never had children. By 2007, she had died due to her illness, at which time her husband was part of the Stargate Program, working on solving the mysteries surrounding the ninth chevron. Nicholas had a picture of her in his quarters on Icarus and wept when he looked at it. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Human")


Following his introduction to the Stargate Program, and after Gloria's death, her husband became more and more obsessed with researching Ancient technology. Her death also changed his personality, in that he believes his morality died with her.

When Nicholas Rush used the Destiny interface chair, the chair induced a lucid-dream state. In it, he relived the final days of his wife's life and simultaneously his introduction into the Stargate Program by Daniel Jackson.

Gloria tells Rush that cancer is back.

Rather than relive it in the same ways he had in reality, he chose to ignore his surroundings and focus on the information the repository was consistently streaming into his brain. Through this, he was able to notice discrepancies in his memory, such as his house number, license plates and the date. As time progressed, and Gloria's condition worsened, the dream-state became harder for Rush to ignore. In a hospital with her in her final moments she told him that she loved him very much. Rush told her that he would never forget her.

Destiny later created an avatar based on her physical form to appear to Dr. Nicholas Rush to counsel him and to provide emotional support. In their repeated conversations however, Dr. Rush experienced Gloria as unhelpful and distracting - the uploaded consciousness of Dr. Jeremy Franklin on the other hand proved to be surprisingly cooperative, helping Dr. Rush with multiple problems on the bridge. (SGU: "Aftermath", "Awakening", "Trial and Error", "Hope")

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