Gerak's Tel'tak is a Tel'tak that belonged to the Free Jaffa Nation and was used by Gerak to investigate the situation on Kallana.


When informed of the Ori incursion on Kallana, Gerak sent this Tel'tak and an unnamed Jaffa to investigate. The Jaffa remained cloaked when SG-1 and the Prometheus arrived. When Gerak and his Ha'tak arrived, the pilot reported to Gerak that the Earth vessel had done nothing. After Gerak withdrew from the battle, he remained to spy on SG-1. When the Supergate was beginning to form, Vala Mal Doran ringed to the ship and shot the pilot with a Zat'nik'tel and ringed him to the Prometheus. She then flew the ship into the space intended for the last piece of the Supergate which disrupted the energy holding it together. Vala attempted to ring back to Prometheus before the formation of the singularity destroyed the ship and the Supergate. Unfortunately, Vala was pulled into the singularity to the Alteran Home Galaxy. (SG1: "Beachhead")

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