Geraint is a Tok'ra.


Background informationEdit

Geraint used as a mid-level printer in one of the Selkets courts if Lira-ke responsible for the accounting of Ashrak contract. As such, he has frequent access to information about new targets although the high level of security and paranoia surrounded the Selket regime makes it extremely difficult for him to get the necessary information out to Tok'ra a limitation which he finds frustrating and demoralizing . But later contact-paid mercenaries have opened a more reliable method of communication can not be trusted.

While maintaining his cover has Geraint has dismayed to find himself developing fascination Jessine despite his abhorrence of Selket and her followers. He and his Matthis host find their devotion to help their patients and as well as victims of Selkets regime admirable and they have also noted that she often seems to be unhappy during the more brutal drug "tests." He dares not trust her with his true identity or purpose, but have found themselves tracking priestess movements without apparent reason.

Matthis family was killed by Kali in one of the "mock war" that took place between the System Lords and the Tok'ra he went and became Geraints host to strike a blow at the Goa'uld. But his past life as a scientist has made his new career as a secret agent extremely difficult. A more experienced Tok'ra is performed just before his arrival in Selkets court which has left him with no one to trust than its symbiote. They have grown extremely dependent on each other without any contact with no one aware of their real identities for over two years. Geraints usual duties take him into the less patrolled areas of the capital, and he has set up a relay of information through the local underworld that thrives on bootleg medical supplies and intoxicants. As alleged Goa'uld he is usually safe from aggression in Ashrak and for four of the five festival of life and death, he is legally immune from being targeted . He uses these advantages to get as much information out to his fellow Tok'ra as he can. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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