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This article is about the ship. For the person it was named after, see George S. Hammond.

"My next position is to take command of our new Daedalus-class ship. ...We're renaming it the [George] Hammond."
Samantha Carter

The George Hammond, formerly known as the Phoenix, is Earth's sixth Daedalus-class battlecruiser, completed in 2009, and a member of the Second Tactical Wing. The ship is named in honour of the legendary General George S. Hammond, and is placed under the command of Col. Samantha Carter.


Commanding Officers

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"Our shields are holding but we're not the target."
Samantha Carter
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File:Geoge HammondBattleRaging.jpg

George Hammond defends Icarus Base from orbit.

In 2009, General Jack O'Neill and Doctor Nicholas Rush beamed Eli Wallace aboard the George Hammond, which was orbiting Earth at the time. Because the planet on which Icarus Base resides contains a radioactive core, which could possibly become unstable after the dialing of an incoming wormhole, the George Hammond was sent to transport Doctor Nicholas Rush, Eli Wallace, Senator Alan Armstrong and Chloe Armstrong to Icarus Base.

When the base came under attack, the George Hammond intercepted the fire from the three Ha'tak motherships in orbit while numerous smaller attack craft were able to escape the battle and make it to the surface. While the shields initially held for a time, the force of the attack was too great, and the Hammond managed to escape into hyperspace. Col. Carter later informed Gen. O'Neill about the battle and the unknown status about Icarus Base's personnel, who had dialed the ninth chevron address instead of Earth's during the base's evacuation. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")

Alternate Timeline

"Barely off the assembly line. Half the Asgard systems weren't finished, the other half weren't working."
Rodney McKay's hologram construct
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In an alternate timeline, the Phoenix was the sixth Daedalus-class warship built in an alternate timeline and was given to Colonel Carter to support the Atlantis Expedition. According to Dr. McKay, the ship was rushed into service and many of the Asgard systems weren't fully operational. Many of the Expedition members worked day and night to get the ship fully operational.


The Phoenix in battle.

The ship featured an Asgard terminal on the bridge where the star map should have been, and a room similar to the Asgard core room on board the Odyssey.

Once the new ship was ready, Colonel Carter took command and flew the ship in an attempt to destroy Michael's fleet and save human populations on planets throughout the galaxy. Using guerrilla warfare, Carter succeeded in destroying many of Michael's Hive Ships. Unfortunately, Michael put out false intel and ambushed the Phoenix. When it was badly damaged and the engines were going critical, the crew was beamed down to the surface of a planet by Carter while she rammed the badly damaged Phoenix into one of the Wraith ships. The resulting explosion destroyed the Phoenix and three of Michael's hives. (SGA: "The Last Man")

Major campaigns

Behind the scenes

  • The origin of the name "Phoenix" comes from the legendary bird of the same name. The Phoenix was said to live a long life then after its death, would burst into flames and be reborn again.
  • The ship was originally going to be named the Phoenix in the current timeline. However, after the death of Don S. Davis, and consequently the death of his character, General George S. Hammond, the ship has been renamed in his honour.

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