The Genii semi-automatic machine gun[1] is a relatively compact firearm of the Genii that is used in conjunction with the Genii shotgun. Acastus Kolya and his men used these weapons to take control of a village in an effort to kill John Sheppard. (SGA: "Irresponsible")

The design of this Genii weapon abandons the large cylindrical shape of the barrel shroud in favor of a thinner barrel shroud along with a large circular magazine meant to hold more ammunition. The weapon is designed to fit in a holster when the fore-grip and sight are snapped closed. When the fore-grip is extended, the sight snaps up to a usable position.

Trivia Edit

This weapon is very similar if not identical to the SMG used in the 1994 Sci-fi film Time Cop

This weapon is an IMI Desert Eagle chambered in .44 Magnum, visually modified and converted to an any-other-weapon with a vertical fore-grip.

This weapon also appears on the Outer Limits episode titled "Dark Matters." Allison Hossack is also featured in this episode and is perhaps better known for her role as the Hoffan Doctor that Dr. Beckett develops a romantic interest with in the Stargate Atlantis episode "Poisoning the Well."

Contrary to its oxymoronic name, the Genii semi-automatic machine gun is not a machine gun as it is semi-automatic.

References Edit

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