Gater is a term that is used to describe a fan of the Stargate franchise. The term was first used on the usenet group, in 1997, in a discussion about what to call Stargate fans and has since been added to the group's FAQ. "Gaters" was popularised when's host website ( was shut down when the owner, Sean Fitzgibbons, was offered a brief job with MGM. This led to the creation of a replacement forum The term is officially recognised by the show's executive producers in DVD commentaries. Gaters participate in conventions such as Gatecon. There are many online fan clubs for the shows and films and for the cast and crew of the TV series. The terms Gatehead, Gaties and Gate Fans are alternatively used by many fans.

Gaters are also frequently named "Stargaters" and shortened on the web as "G8Rs" or "SG8Rs". Feminine variant of Gater is "Gatie".

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On Fedcon 21 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Richard Dean Anderson proclaimed that Gater should be the "official" term for them, like trekkie is for fans of the Star Trek franchise.