Galen is a male Jaffa Spartan Guard from planet Aegis. He is the son of Queen Helen and Tok'ra operational Acastus.


Background informationEdit

He is a warrior of great cunning and a member of the Crypteia, a secret order of warrior-assassin took for slaughter most troublesome slaves from Helots wrist. He is also a traitor. Galen always thought Helots are people deserve respect and protection under the laws of Aegis. Upon discovering Crypteia, he managed to gain acceptance of the organization by cultivating a reputation for treachery and ruthlessness. Alexander's move to force him into the ranks of the organization random but unnecessary.

As a member, he has used his position to create a network of a cop-out to help targeted Helots flee to a secret settlement in the mountains while he falsely reporting their deaths. When the time is right that they shot at Stargate and sent to another world to begin a new life. Galen know their fathers foreign origin nor did he know how his mother came to understand how the Stargate. He would die before revealing his mother as a traitor for Pelops. Galen is 45 years old but seems to be in his late teens. He is rugged handsome and unequivocally his mothers son with black hair cropped short unlike the traditional Spartans warrior long braids. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

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