The Galarans are technologically advanced race protected by the Asgard on their homeworld of Galar. The Galarans, like the rest of the Milky Way galaxy's human population, are descended from the Tau'ri. They discovered a Goa'uld memory device some time during the 1900s and reverse engineered it to enable them to process memories and experiences onto the next generation.

The flag of the Galarans

The Galarans met SG-1 in 2006, at which time they made an alliance between Galar and Earth. Galar was limited to the Stargates and offered the memory device to the Tau'ri in exchange for hyperdrive technology. However, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell was accused of murdering Dr. Reya Varrick but Emissary Varta tried convincing Galaran Cabinet to let Mitchell go, due to his diplomatic status. However, Mitchell insisted that his memories be searched for the true murderer. After painstaking study, it is discovered that it was Dr. Marell who was responsible, having been divorced from Varrick and covered up with memories. (SG1: "Collateral Damage")

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