Galar, also known as Galara, was a planet in the Milky Way galaxy which held a Stargate. Galar is a moon to a gas giant. Galar was originally under Goa'uld control until the Asgard liberated the people from the Goa'uld and put them under protection via the Protected Planets Treaty. The inhabitants of the planet, known as Galarans, found some left behind Goa'uld technology such as the memory recall device. The planet's development level is about the same as Earth and Galar continued to maintain friendly relations with the Tau'ri.

The people have formed alliances with a dozen different worlds, including Earth. Researchers on Galar has recently developed a technology of the left behind Goa'uld memory recall device to implant memories, hoping to drastically accelerate the learning process, much as Orbanians did. (SG1: "Collateral Damage")

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