The Gadmeer Terraformer is a ship built by the Gadmeer as a last hope to preserve their civilization, which was facing destruction by the hands of a superior military power.


The ship holds an unknown number of advanced technologies, ranging from transporters and at least one holographic display device. It also contains extremely advanced sensors and an advanced artificial intelligence unit, since the whole ship is fully automated. The database of the ship is huge, not only holding the whole knowledge of the Gadmeer civilization but also able to store additional data including detailed information of scanned planets. (SG1: "Scorched Earth")

Gadmeer device[]

This device is capable of interfacing with an Enkaran to perform an unknown function. When in use, it surrounds the user with some form of energy field. (SG1: "Scorched Earth")


The sensors of the ship are very advanced, they can scan a new lifeform in only a single day and then create an advanced biomechanical copy of such a being. They are also capable of detailed planetary scans as part of the ship's terraforming process. (SG1: "Scorched Earth")

Terraforming beam[]

Since the ship is designed primarily for terraforming purposes, it is capable of creating a large curtain of energy which stretches for over 20 miles. This energy curtain first destroys all life in the area it covers and afterwards deposits microbes in the destroyed zones. These microbes are the first building block in a new ecosystem in which the Gadmeer are able to survive. However, it only had enough material to terraform a planet once, meaning that once it started terraforming, the process could not be stopped. (SG1: "Scorched Earth")


Despite being created by a sulfur-based lifeform, the environment inside of the ship can be adjusted for carbon-based lifeforms. (SG1: "Scorched Earth")

Genetic storage room[]

The upper part of the genetic storage room.

This room is a large white and grey hall, which contains millions of tissue samples stored in thousands of drawers inside the walls. The room also contains glass pillars filled with water, although their use is unknown. Due to the ship's purpose, its quite possible that there exist many more such rooms. (SG1: "Scorched Earth")

Control room[]

The control room.

There exists at least one room inside the ship, which can be used to control the functions of the Terraformer. This room is connected to one of the genetic storage rooms. The room contains two consoles, allowing people access to the database of the ship and control it. The largest piece of technology inside of the room is a large holographic projector, capable of displaying data from the database or three-dimensional maps of the surrounding area. (SG1: "Scorched Earth")


Daniel holding one of the tissue samples.

It is unknown when the Gadmeer launched the ship, but it was able to escape the destruction of the Gadmeer civilization and search for a new world to reseed for the peaceful race. After scanning many worlds, the ship's automatic computer found a suitable planet in P5S-381, where it began the terraforming process. This planet however was chosen by Stargate Command to be the new home of the Enkarans. After detecting them, the ship created Lotan, a biomechanical being in the form of the Enkarans to tell the people that they had to leave the planet. Since they were unable to do so without risking blindness, Dr. Daniel Jackson tried to reason with Lotan to find an alternative. They finally found that one of the planets scanned by the Terraformer was the original Enkaran home world. Lotan then agreed to take the Enkarans to the planet and stay with them. After the transportation was finished, the vessel presumably returned to the targeted planet to resume the terraforming and resurrect the dead race. The ultimate fate of the ship, whether it is still in the rebirth process or has finished its task, is unknown. (SG1: "Scorched Earth")

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