"I can't believe you helped found an entire country based on the hopes that he would come and rescue you!"
Lisa Park[src]

Futura is a country on the planet Novus. After the Destiny expedition built their first settlement on Novus, a group lead by Dr. Adam Brody decided to split off from the rest of the expedition, who were led by Colonel Everett Young and later would be called the Tenarans. Originally, it was unknown by the Tenarans if the Futurans stayed on the planet or went through the Stargate, but they would later learn that they stayed on Novus and created their own country. While the original Futurans believed that Dr. Nicholas Rush and Destiny would eventually find them and take them with him, later generations would think of Rush as their savior and worshiped him as a god, still believing that he would rescue them from Novus. (SGU: "Common Descent")

At some point, Tenara and Futura would create nuclear weapons and were in the middle of a cold war. It was not until the threat of Novus' destruction that the two countries would work together to save their people and escape the destruction of their planet, creating ships to travel to one of the settlement planets before a supervolcano erupted.

Due to his role in creating Futura, Brody was not thought of highly by Tenarans. While dealing with another version of Brody, he was regarded poorly by a group of Tenarans because of what his counterpart had done. (SGU: "Epilogue")

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