The Furling diary discs were a type of document created by the Furlings on the Utopian moon orbiting P5X-777.


The diary discs themselves were made from the wood of a tree native to the Utopian moon along with papyrus used as the "pages" for writing and drawing on. The circular carvings which adorned the top of the box were added for purely aesthetic reasons and were a form of Furling decoration. The papyrus used for the pages of the book were treated with a kind of lacquer which was added to make them last for a long period of time, a technique also used by the Egyptians of Earth perhaps suggesting a link between the two peoples.[1]

While one of the discs was simply an outline of the village, showing both the original houses and what appeared to be a temple, many of the other pages chronicled what happened when the hallucinogenic plant was introduced to the moon, the last page showing that there was a link between the plant and the paranoia which was sweeping through the village. Each page was written in the Furling language along with accompanying diagrams.[1]


The diary discs were created roughly three hundred years before the Utopian moon was visited by O'Neill and Maybourne, following the invasion of the moon by an unknown Goa'uld. The pages chronicled how the Goa'uld introduced a hallucinogenic plant to the village, with later pages suggesting a link between the plant and the paranoia which was affecting the people staying there.[1]

By the time that O'Neill found the discs, the people of the planet had been wiped out and the paranoia was beginning to affect Maybourne. O'Neill used the map disc to mark the locations of the skeletons around the village[2] with a piece of charcoal he was able to locate.[1]


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