This episode is part 1 of 3; it is followed by "Fallen" and "Homecoming".

"Full Circle" is the twenty-second episode of the sixth season of Stargate SG-1.


Anubis intends to wipe out all other System Lords in the galaxy. Dr. Daniel Jackson warns SG-1 to stop Anubis from retrieving the Eye of Ra from Abydos. They enlist the Abydonians to hold off Anubis' forces, and prevent him from taking the Eye, which will strengthen his new superweapon and declare war on the other System Lords.


On Abydos, Skaara speaks with the Abydonian elders about Anubis, who will attack soon. In the middle of their council, Dr. Daniel Jackson appears, telling them that they will not fight alone. At the SGC, Colonel Jack O'Neill steps on an elevator, which malfunctions in the middle of the ride. Just as he tries to use the emergency phone, Daniel appears behind him and updates him on the situation with Anubis, who plans to get the "Eye of Ra" from Abydos, a key (along with five others) to using a superweapon. Jack demands to know why Daniel, with all the powers of the Ascended, can't stop Anubis himself, and Daniel tries to explain again what he is and is not allowed to do.


Goa'uld troops land on Abydos

Jack relays Daniel's Intel to Major General George S. Hammond and SG-1. When they ask where he got that kind of information, he reluctantly admits to seeing Daniel, and that it isn't the first time. No one seems terribly surprised to hear it, and Teal'c mentions that he, too, has seen Daniel.

Full Circle

SG-1 arrive on Abydos.

Hammond approves the mission, and SG-1 goes to Abydos where they meet up with Skaara, who brings them into an underground chamber, where they hope to find the Eye. While Sam and Jonas explore the chamber, Jack asks Skaara if he's seeing anyone, and Skaara tells him that he's betrothed.

In the meantime, Anubis' mothership appears out of hyperspace and several ships fly to the pyramid, which is defended by Teal'c of Chulak and a number of Abydonians. When the ships and ground troops attack, Teal'c of Chulak radios Jack, who, irked by Daniel's absence, starts yelling for Daniel.

Daniel appears and tries to say he still can't help, but Jack pushes him. Giving in, Daniel agrees to help Sam and Jonas figure out how to find the chamber while Jack and Skaara go above to assist Teal'c of Chulak. Daniel, Major Samantha Carter and Jonas Quinn open the chamber, full of artifacts, but not the Eye.

In the pyramid, Skaara is mortally wounded while Jack and Teal’c fight valiantly to hold their ground. They are finally forced retreat to the underground chamber where Daniel concludes that the other ascended beings are the Ancients. They discover a tablet, written in the Ancient language, which reveals information about a lost city of the Ancients. Daniel instructs Jonas to not lose it, and then departs.

Carter and Jonas find another secret chamber, which Sam shoots open, revealing the Eye. Jack and Teal'c, with Skaara, appear, bedraggled from the Jaffa onslaught. Their leader, Her'ak, confronts SG-1, demanding the Eye. Jack simply threatens to destroy the Eye. Her'ak returns to the ship and informs Anubis, who tells Her'ak to inform O'Neill that he will destroy Abydos if he does not receive the eye.

As Her'ak departs, Daniel confronts Anubis, and threatens to stop Anubis if he attacks Abydos. Anubis dismisses Daniel, saying he knows Daniel is ascended and unable to act, and reveals that he himself is partially ascended.

In space, a fleet of Ha'tak vessels appear and Lord Yu contacts Anubis. Yu has finally convinced the other System Lords to take action against Anubis and now threatens to destroy him. Daniel, on the other hand, offers Anubis a deal: he will bring him the Eye if Anubis promises to leave Abydos unharmed forever. The Goa'uld agrees.

Daniel goes to SG-1, where he hears to his surprise that Skaara has died and ascended, realizing that Oma must be present. He advises the team of Anubis' partially ascended state: stuck between the mortal world and the ascended one. Anubis was thought dead but actually ascended. The Ancients, only accepting pure of Heart among their ranks, de-ascended him but not completely. The shimmering energy that hides his true face keeps his form intact. He also informs them about his deal with Anubis because he wants SG-1 to find the lost city of the Ancients before Anubis can.

Eye of Ra 1

O'Neill gives Her'ak the Eye

O'Neill surrenders the Eye to Her'ak and the Jaffa leave. On the ship, Her'ak gives Anubis the Eye, and Anubis powers up a large weapon. It fires on Yu's ships and destroys many of them. The few left retreat, unable to penetrate Anubis' shields, with Lord Yu, also still alive. Anubis plans to destroy Abydos anyway but Daniel appears and demands that he stop. Anubis refuses and goads Daniel into attacking him.

Enraged, Daniel attempts to use his ascended powers to destroy Anubis, however, his attack is cut short and he is spirited away by Oma Desala. Anubis, now rid of his last obstacle, fires the super weapon at the pyramid on Abydos and Jack slips through the event horizon of the Abydos Stargate just in time.

Then the planet is destroyed as Jack arrives back on Earth, informing Carter, Teal'c of Chulak and Jonas that Abydos has been hit. As such, Sam calls on Sergeant Walter Harriman to bring up a full gate diagnostics which he does.

Back at the SGC, they attempt to dial back to Abydos, but they are unable to connect. They fear that Abydos may have been obliterated by Anubis's super weapon. SG-1 continues to brief General Hammond about the situation and everything that transpired on Abydos.

Carter and Walter continue dialing Abydos, as Carter refuses to believe that the planet is gone. Suddenly, after dozens of attempts, the Stargate establishes a wormhole to Abydos. Hammond allows SG-1 to return to Abydos to find out what has happened.

SG-1 goes through the gate and discovers Skaara and his people. Astonished and yet relieved, SG-1 asks Skaara what happened. Skaara tells them that Oma helped all the Abydonian people around the planet ascend and that the people and the Stargate are only an illusion. Skaara sadly informs them that he has not heard anything about Daniel's fate. Suddenly, all the people disappear. Relieved that the Abydonians had not perished during Anubis's attack, SG-1 then returns to Earth.


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Notable quotes[]

(Inside of elevator, the lights went off and then turned back on, suddenly, Daniel Jackson appears)
O'Neill: Hello, this is C... hello?
Jackson: Jack, Jack.
(O'Neill turns around)
Jackson: Hi, Jack. Jack, Abydos is in trouble, Anubis is on his way, he's after the eye of Ra.
(O'Neill raises his eyebrows)
Jackson: I have the replica Catherine gave me, it looks like this. Now, I'm pretty sure the real one is some secret chamber in Ra's pyramid on Abydos, but I'm not sure where exactly. According to legend there were 6 eyes, including those held by Apophis, Osiris, and Tiamat among others. Each is powerful among its own, but if you use them in combination, it increases that power tenfold. Recently Anubis managed to track down 5 of the 6 eyes, and only needs Ra's eye to complete the set. He's looked everywhere Ra used to hang out except Abydos. Now he's on his way there.
(Jack hesitates for a moment and puts the telephone back to the booth.)
O'Neill: I'm sure it was an aspirin I took this morning.
(For a few seconds, O'Neill stays silent and Jackson goes on talking about the danger of the Eye of Ra)
Jackson: Keep it, hide it, whatever, it doesn't matter, we don't have much time.
O'Neill: Hey, Daniel. How're you doing? Long time. How are things in the higher plane?
(Jackson turns, grits his teeth and trying to smile, turns to Jack)
Jackson: Hey, Jack. How are you doing?

O'Neill: I personally think that this whole "ascension" thing is a bit overrated.

O'Neill: So, you seeing anybody?
Skaara: Maybe.
O'Neill: Really? Is it serious?
Skaara: We are betrothed.
O'Neill: Trust me, that's serious. Congratulations.
Skaara: Thank you.
O'Neill: I assume my invitation got lost in the mail or..?
Skaara: I wanted to ask you to sha'loki. To stand beside me.
O'Neill: Just... during the ceremony, right?
Skaara: Yes, yes.
O'Neill: I'd be honored.
Skaara: Will you be coming to my wedding alone?
O'Neill: Ummm... I assume Carter's invited too?
Skaara: Of course. Will you be coming together?
O'Neill: As in?
Carter: Friends going to a wedding.
O'Neill: Ah, yes... sure!

Her'ak: Surrender or die!!
O'Neill: What?
Her'ak: Surrender or die!!
O'Neill: I was just gonna say exactly the same thing.
Her'ak: O'Neill of SG-1.
O'Neill: Hey, how ya doing? You'll have to forgive me, I'm terrible with names. What was...
(one of the Jaffa fires a staff weapon at O'Neill, hitting the wall in front of him)
O'Neill: Geez...
Her'ak: I am Her'ak.
O'Neill: (noticing that Her'ak is now First Prime of Anubis) Congratulations. Failing upwards, I see.
Her'ak: You have no choice!!
O'Neill: Actually, I do. I've got the eye, and about pound of very powerful explosive stuck to it. Give us clear access to the gate or I'll blow it up!!
Her'ak: And yourself along with it?
O'Neill: What's your point?
Her'ak: I will speak with my master.
O'Neill: Yes, do that. Don't forget to tell him you screwed up again.
Jonas: Is it really necessary to further antagonize him?
O'Neill: Yes.

(After giving Her'ak the Eye of Ra, and he and his Jaffa walk away without killing them)
O'Neill: Well, spank me rosy. Let's book.

(Daniel Jackson's attempt to attack Anubis is thwarted, and Jackson vanishes.)
Her'ak: You are indeed all-powerful, my lord.
Anubis: What you just saw was not my doing.
(Her'ak appears confused.)
Anubis: However, this is!
(Anubis activates his mothership's superweapon, destroying Abydos.)


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • This episode reveals that Anubis is a partially ascended Goa'uld. Or more accurately, descended. Since Anubis ascended and then was forcibly descended half way back by the Ancients.
  • It is confirmed that the other ascended entities are, in fact, the Ancients.
  • Atlantis is first mentioned in this episode, referred to only as the Lost City.
  • According to the season 8 episode "Reckoning, Part 2", Oma Desala pulled Dr. Daniel Jackson out of his confrontation with Anubis. The next episode, "Threads", explained that had she not done so, Jackson would have been dealt with by the Others, who would not have been as merciful as her.
  • While looking for the Eye of Ra, Jackson puts his hands to his face to adjust his glasses, but he is not wearing any glasses. Possibly just an old habit.
  • The camera shot at the end showing the pyramid blowing up cost $150,000.
  • The exterior scenes on Abydos were filmed at the Richmond Sand Dunes.


  • At the end of the episode when SG-1 returns to Abydos and enters the camp, many tires marks made by trucks can be seen in the sand.


Other languages[]

  • German: Der Kreis schließt sich (The circle is closing)
  • Czech: Kruh Se uzavírá (The circle is closing)
  • Portuguese: Circulo Completo (Full Circle)
  • Polish: Początek I koniec or Pełny krąg (Beginning and End or Full Circle)
  • French: Pacte avec Le Diable (Pact with the Devil)
  • Italian: Il Cerchio Completo (Full Circle)
  • Spanish: Punto De Partida (Starting Point)
  • Hungarian: A kör bezárul (The circle is closing)

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