"Full Alert" is the fourteenth episode of the eighth season of Stargate SG-1.


Brigadier General Jack O'Neill finds Robert Kinsey in his home. He tells O'Neill that he needs help in taking down The Trust. However, in the process, he is taken and implanted with a Goa'uld, where he is trying to pit the Americans and Russians against each other when both parties accuse each other of having a Goa'uld spy within their ranks. If no one finds the truth, it may result in World War 3.

Previously on Stargate SG-1[]

Robert Kinsey's relationship with The Trust forces his resignation as Vice President. The Trust come into possession of Osiris' Al'kesh but are able to escape the solar system before Prometheus can destroy it.


Brigadier General Jack O'Neill returns from shopping to find his door open. Inside, he finds former Vice President Robert Kinsey. He considers calling his friend, the sheriff, but Kinsey offers help to defeat The Trust.

At Stargate Command, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter proposes that Kinsey meet the Trust while they video and track him. At the Trust estate, Kinsey is shown something but interference blocks out first the video and then the audio so SG-1 storms the mansion only to find everyone gone.

Suspecting that the Trust is in their cloaked Al'kesh and taking precautions to avoid detection, Teal'c is sent to the Prometheus, Carter works on a program to detect the Al'kesh and Dr. Daniel Jackson is sent to Russia.

When Jackson arrives in Moscow, he meets his liaison officer - Captain Daria Voronkova. However, whilst Jackson is being taken to see General Miraslov Kiselev, the Russian Defense Minister, he is arrested and accused of being on an assassination mission. He is told that Kinsey tried to assassinate Kiselev, and Jackson is shown a video showing that Kinsey is a Goa'uld.

Carter theorizes that when the Trust were forced to flee the Solar system, they were captured by the Goa'uld, were given Goa'uld symbiotes and have been sent back to Earth to compromise the Russian President Yuri Mikhailov. The SGC receive word that Russia and China are preparing for nuclear war, on the assumption that the US government is wholly under Goa'uld control. This means if Earth annihilated itself, then the Goa'uld could come and take the Ancient outpost in Antarctica.

Jackson interrogates Kinsey's Goa'uld and learns that he is working for the System Lords. (Though it is later revealed he was working for Baal as the Trust were targeting his territory and Daniel was most likely trying to goad the Goa'uld) When Russian troops interrupt, he beams out with Kinsey to the Prometheus with Kinsey's Goa'uld stating that due to Daniel's little stunt, it will give the Russians positive confirmation that the American government is under control of the Goa'uld with the symbiote stating that they've convinced the Russians far more than Kinsey's Goa'uld ever could.

On Earth, Carter determines that Kiselev is a Goa'uld because he's not wearing his glasses, and has been for some time. The Trust's Al'kesh begins firing on the Prometheus. In the confusion, Kinsey assaults his guards, escapes to the Al'kesh and kills the Goa'uld in Jennings who would otherwise have sacrificed Kinsey's life along with the Prometheus.

Full Alert Incident

The Al'kesh is destroyed by the Prometheus.

On the command of Colonel Lionel Pendergast, the Prometheus opens fire and successfully destroys the Al'kesh. But it is not known whether Kinsey was onboard at the time.

The SGC advises the Russian President of what they suspect, and the episode closes with the revelation that the Russian President has successfully reeled Kiselev in. Nuclear annihilation is averted.


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Notable quotes[]

O'Neill: You've got three minutes. Before I shoot you as an intruder in my home.
Kinsey: Same old Jack O'Neill. Although I hear you're a general now. Congratulations.
(O'Neill taps the watch with his gun.)
Kinsey: Alright, then. Straight to the point. You wanna take down the Trust. I can help you.
O'Neill: I'm sorry, I must've missed an episode. I thought you guys were working together.

Kinsey: You want me to wear a wire?
O'Neill: That's the deal.
Kinsey: I am not a spy.
O'Neill: Think of it this way: if you don't do what they want, they'll kill you. If you don't do what we want... we'll let 'em.
Kinsey: Why, that's as good as pulling the trigger yourself! I thought Stargate Command didn't do that sort of thing.
O'Neill: Well, we're under new management.

Voronkova: Have you eaten a proper lunch?
Jackson: I had something on the plane.
Voronkova: Then the answer is no. Good. I know a restaurant around the corner that serves the best salo in Moscow.
Jackson: Oh, I'm not a fan of salo.
Voronkova: Don't worry, you will acquire taste.

Chekov: How could Kinsey have become a Goa'uld?
O'Neill: Five bucks says Carter has a theory.
Carter: As a matter of fact, I do.

Jackson: Why are you so willing to sacrifice yourself?
Goa'uld Kinsey: (in Kinsey's voice) I assure you, I have no intention of dying on this miserable planet.
Jackson: You're in Russian defense headquarters. Primary target. If you do succeed in starting a nuclear war, you're gonna die right along with the rest of us. Unless there's something I'm missing?
Goa'uld Kinsey: (in Kinsey's voice) You should return to your homes and say farewell to your loved ones. Your gods have deemed you to be unworthy. (smiling) The hour of reckoning is at hand.


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • This episode marks the last appearance of Robert Kinsey. He is presumably killed when Osiris' Al'kesh is destroyed by the Prometheus. Although he does take the wrist device that had the transporter.
  • The name on the courier van is Mikita Couriers - the director of this episode is Andy Mikita.
  • The three Trust conspirators- Mr. Parker, Mr. Kent and Mr. Wayne are named after three superhero's alter-egos: Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Superman (Clark Kent) and Batman (Bruce Wayne), suggesting they are simply aliases, albeit humorous ones.
  • When Dr. Daniel Jackson first meets Captain Daria Voronkova, she intends to take him to a nearby restaurant that serves Salo. To which, Jackson says he doesn't have much taste for salo. Voronkova simply either ignores or doesn't catch his polite way of saying he wouldn't eat salo and instead insists he will acquire a taste for it. To most people outside Eastern Europe, the idea of salo doesn't sound very appetizing, as it is basically cured pig fat. However, in Eastern Europe, it is a traditional food, especially in Ukraine where it is a stereotypical food much like cheeseburgers are in the United States.
  • The vehicle in which Jackson and Voronkova are driving around is in fact not a Russian one, but a Volkswagen Iltis which has been in service in the Deutsche Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces) from the 1970s to the end of the 1990s. It's still painted in a standard German vehicle camouflage pattern.
  • Richard Dean Anderson breaks the fourth wall briefly while O'Neill is talking to Kinsey at the beginning: O'Neill states that he "must've missed an episode" since last he knew, Kinsey and the Trust were working together.
  • Following this episode, the Trust are under the control of the Goa'uld, later revealed to be loyal to Ba'al.


  • When Teal'c arrives in the ring room, his Zat'nik'tel has been reset to safe mode whereas in the immediately previous scene it was in active mode as he fired it. Daniel's is also deactivated.
  • The light switch inside of Robert Kinsey's cell in Russia was a U.S. style switch and not a Russian one.

Other languages[]

  • French: Alerte Maximum (Full Alert)
  • Italian: Allarme Totale (Full Alert)
  • Spanish: Alert a Total (Full Alert)
  • Czech: Konfrontace (Confrontation)
  • German: Konfrontation (Confrontation)
  • Hungarian: Teljes készültség (Full Alert)

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