Template:SG1-6 "Frozen" is the fourth episode of the sixth season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 is in Antarctica, examining the site of Earth's first Stargate. There, they find a young woman who has been preserved in the ice for several million years. Soon, Colonel Jack O'Neill falls ill.


In Antarctica, Dr. Francine Michaels talks with Major Samantha Carter—who is at Stargate Command—about their work at Antarctica. They talk about the Dial Home Device that was located in Antarctica and that the Stargate there is perhaps the oldest in existence ("50 million years," when the Antarctic plate "was not even at the South Pole"). Suddenly two other scientists, Dr. Norm Woods and Dr. Harold Osbourne, come in and tell Michaels that they have a surprise for her regarding something in the ice.

Some time later, SG-1 and Dr. Janet Fraiser visit the Antarctica base (White Rock Research Station) and are greeted by the scientists there. They are led through the base until they are confronted by a frozen female body. Michaels named the person Ayiana, regarding her as female due to the contour of the body. Michaels then reveals that the woman is millions of years old and this could be evidence that humanity evolved much earlier than 800,000-900,000 years ago. Michaels shows Fraiser some cells of the specimen's body, which seem to be intact (suggesting that Ayiana may be very much alive), and so they start to melt the ice. It turns out that Ayiana is indeed still alive (which should be impossible for someone who has been frozen for millions of years) and so they start to unfreeze her at a quicker pace. After the ice is gone, they start to reanimate her, and she recovers extremely quickly, even to the point of waking up.

They talk about Ayiana while Woods and Osbourne decide to do some more research on the ice where they found Ayiana. Core samples of the ice can confirm Dr. Frasier's theory about early human evolution. Meanwhile, Jonas Quinn decides to talk to Ayiana. It turns out that she can talk, although she has to try very hard, and he discovers that a wound on her arm has healed quickly. It seems possible that her brain is damaged. Jonas brings Ayiana something to eat and tries to get some information from her, showing her a picture of a Stargate. Ayiana can do nothing more than say "amazing" while eating.

Meanwhile, Fraiser tells Carter that Ayiana's EEG shows similarities between her brain and that of Cassandra Fraiser, as well as that of Colonel Jack O'Neill when his mind was overtaken by the knowledge of the Ancients. Thus, Ayiana might be an example of an advanced stage in human evolution; perhaps she is even an Ancient. Suddenly, Jonas calls both of them into the quarantine lab because Dr. Michaels has collapsed; it turns out that she is sick. They believe that there was a virus frozen with Ayiana and Fraiser decides that they should all be placed under quarantine.

While a storm is raging outside, Osbourne appears, who is also sick, while Woods is still missing; thus O'Neill and Teal'c decide to search for him. Meanwhile, Jonas talks again with Ayiana, who can understand him but not help him. Later, Fraiser talks with Sam about the virus; Jonas comes in and tells Frasier that Ayiana can't remember how she managed to heal herself. Meanwhile, O'Neill and Teal'c have found Woods who is nearly dying; Ayiana starts to heal him with her bare hands and he quickly recovers, but Ayiana collapses. Jonas asks Ayiana to heal Dr. Michaels and Dr. Osbourne, which she agrees to although she shows concern. The healing greatly weakens her, which is revealed by Fraiser through a blood sample (declining white blood cell count). Dr. Fraiser talks with the rest of SG-1 and then orders them to rest.

Later, Dr. Woods tells Ayiana that the others are still sick. He is supposed to make sure that Ayiana does not heal the others, but Ayiana quickly renders Woods unconscious with the touch of a hand. She then proceeds to heal Frasier, Carter, and Jonas. Before being able to heal O'Neill, Ayiana falls unconscious. Some time later, a disease control team comes and brings them all back to the SGC where it turns out that Ayiana will die and O'Neill too. While Jonas talks with Ayiana her heartbeat stops and she finally dies, saying "sorry."

A Tok'ra named Thoran visits the base and suggests that O'Neill should be blended with a symbiote. Carter asks O'Neill what he thinks about it, and although he is reluctant at first, he finally agrees since this is his only chance to survive. In the end, SG-1 and the Tok'ra bring an incapacitated O'Neill through the Stargate.


Ancients; Ancient contagion; Antarctica; Antibiotic; Area 51; Asgard; Brain; C-130; Cassandra Fraiser; Charles Darwin; Defibrillator; Dial Home Device; EEG; EKG; Frostbite; Giza; Goa'uld; Goa'uld healing device; Hazmat suit; Healing power; Hypothermia; Immune system; Jaffa; Kanan; Kelno'reem; Kidney; Near ascension; Nirrti; Oxygen; The Pentagon; Repository of knowledge; The Simpsons; Stargate Command infirmary; Theory of Evolution; Tok'ra

Notable Quotes

Jonas: How long is this going to take?
Osbourne: A couple days, maybe more. Why?
Jonas: Long range weather forecast doesn't look good.
Carter: Bit of a weather freak.
Michaels: He'll love it here.

Fraiser: Antarctic cod can live in water so cold other fish would develop ice crystals in their blood. Now they've had forty million years or so to adapt to the change of temperature in the water and they've developed this protein that acts like antifreeze.
Carter: They're fish.
Fraiser: Given enough time, evolution can do some pretty amazing things.

O'Neill: Listen, could someone bottom line this for me?
Fraiser: Well sir, we could be looking at evidence that human beings evolved long before we thought they did.
Michaels: And maybe not even originally on this planet.
O'Neill: Darwin would be crushed.

O'Neill: DOH!
Teal'c: What is it O'Neill?
O'Neill: I forgot to tape "The Simpsons".
(Teal'c gives him a disbelieving and disapproving look)
O'Neill: It's important to me.

Carter: Sir. I don't know if you can hear me. The Tok'ra have offered you a deal. There's a symbiote that needs a host. They think it could cure you, now it may be your only chance. It would only be temporary. It would come out of you as soon as they found another host. Sir, are you getting any of this?
O'Neill: Carter.
Carter: Yeah, I'm right here.
O'Neill: Over my dead body.


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  • Ayiana will appear again in the first few seconds of the Stargate: Atlantis pilot "Rising".
  • After being welcomed to the research outpost, Colonel Jack O'Neill says "Thanks, great to be back," in a very sarcastic manner. He is referring to the earlier incident in the Season 1 episode "Solitudes," where he and Captain Samantha Carter were stranded in Antarctica after a Stargate malfunction. The incident, which resulted in the discovery of Earth's second Stargate (as well as two frozen Jaffa) led to the establishment of the research outpost featured in this episode.
  • O'Neill says "D-oh. I forgot to tape The Simpsons. It's important to me," repeating the same words for his favorite TV show as in "Beneath the Surface", right after he returned to that same spot. In that episode, O'Neill had said "There's a man... He's bald and wears a short-sleeved shirt, and somehow he's very important to me. I think his name is... Homer." The show The Simpsons, on the other hand, makes several references to Richard Dean Anderson's previous role on MacGyver.
  • In certain external shots, the new, elevated station can be seen under construction in the background.
  • In "The Powers That Be", SG-1 encounters a Prior who is afflicting the people of a planet with a plague similar to the one shown in this episode, leading Dr. Daniel Jackson (and fans) to speculate that the Ori were responsible for the plague that wiped out the Ancients.
  • There appears to be a lot of product placement for the brand The North Face in this episode. Besides the mentioning of military weapons and vehicles, this is the first time consumer products are shown in the show in such a manner. When shown on Sky1 in the UK the logos on the jackets are digitally blurred out.
  • Carter stated that the Dial Home Device at Antarctica ran out of power shortly after it was discovered. This explains why SGC didn't use it instead of the dialing computer (as it would automatically adjust to the drift), also why SGC didn't use it to get Teal'c out of the buffer in "48 Hours". However, the rogue NID unit did use it whilst their earth based operation was happening, though it could be this use that used up the last of the power.
  • Bruce Harwood (Dr. Harold Osbourne) is best known for playing John Fitzgerald Byers on The X-Files and its spin-off series The Lone Gunmen.


  • After Teal'c says that the jaffa that were frozen couldn't have been here that long ago, Dr. Francine Michaels responds with "Not even close" and in Teal'c's reaction shot, he starts to break character and look off the left side of the screen and makes a confused face.
  • When Ayiana's face is first uncovered, you can see her eye twitching even though she is supposed to be frozen. It is entirely possible that her innate ability to heal, withstand being completely frozen for a very long time and recover from some form of hibernation allowed her body to heat itself to the point where her body starting 'turning on'.
  • When Ayiana is on the table after Dr. Janet Frasier intubated her, she makes several vocal noises... this would be impossible with a tracheal intubation because the tube goes between the vocal cords, holding them open so that they can't move.

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In other languages

  • French: Prisonnière des Glaces (Prisoner of the Ice)
  • Italian: Un Corpo tra i Ghiacci (A Body in the Ice)
  • Spanish: Congelada (Frozen)
  • Czech: V zajetí ledu (In the Capture of Ice)

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