Fro'tak of the High Cliffs was a wealthy and politically influential Jaffa who was the second husband of Drey'auc of the Cord'ai Plains after her first husband betrayed their false god Apophis and left her and their son Rya'c, joining the Tau'ri.



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Drey'auc of the Cord'ai Plains, however, found her feelings for Teal'c rekindled, and they were observed kissing by Fro'tac.

As soon as everyone was asleep, Fro'tak crept out of the house, heading straight for the castle where he intended to reveal SG-1's location to Apophis and his Serpent Guards.

Colonel Jack O'Neill followed him, and tried to stop him, but was eventually forced to kill him after Fro'tak yelled for the Serpent Guards. Using the Zat'nik'tel, Jack fired off two shots, the second shot killing Fro'tak before a third one disintegrated Fro'tak's remains, presumably so that the Jaffa Serpent Guards would not find the body. (SG1: "Family")

Background Edit

  • His silver emblem most likely signifies a designation of his high standing and work in the palace on Chulak.
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