"One always wishes to fulfill one's purpose."

The Friendly Replicator Android (often referred to as FRAN, or just Fran), is the name of a female Human-form Replicator created by Dr. Rodney McKay.



"I know it wasn't part of the plan, but it was either this or nothing."
Rodney McKay[src]

Using the original Nanite creation machine, Dr. Rodney McKay was able to create FRAN on his own, while disabling any dangerous programming. Originally, he created a small number of Nanites that formed a block in order to achieve his goal, but was unsuccessful. He discovered that by making the nanites simpler, it was actually more difficult for the cells to retain any useful forms and abilities, so he compromised with FRAN.


Fran "fulfilling her purpose"

Fran possessed a program within her that, when activated, would increase the level of attraction between nanites to the point where their atoms fuse together and protons are indistinguishable from neutrons. FRAN, however, noticed that the Asurans would be able to adapt faster than expected, resulting in a Replicator "Godzilla". She instead came up with an alternative plan to speed up the process.

FRAN did not originally possess a name, but after noticing that everyone around her had names she requested one. When faced with her own destruction she said that she was excited and wanted to fulfill her purpose. She successfully completed her task and was able to drag all of the Replicator cells down to the surface where they exerted so much pressure on the planet that they sank into its core, resulting in Asuras' destruction. (SGA: "Be All My Sins Remember'd")

Later, FRAN's body was reconstructed to house Dr. Elizabeth Weir's consciousness. Elizabeth didn't have enough time to recreate her original body, and used FRAN's template instead, since it was the last body to be created and was already stored in the machine's memory. (SGA: "Ghost in the Machine")

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  • Michelle Morgan originally intended to play Linara, Davos' daughter, but didn't in the end due to other filming commitments.
  • When Torri Higginson turned down the offer to guest star as Dr. Elizabeth Weir during season 5 of Atlantis, the part was rewritten for Michelle Morgan so that the Weir arc could conclude without Higginson.


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